shimmy om freeway/motorway (1 Viewer)

Nov 9, 2004
Kent England
I had a funny shimmering today at about 60mph on the freeway, it was shuddering the whole car till I turned off the freeway, when I went back on the freeway, it was not there, has anyone else had this feeling before?????
Aug 9, 2003
Do the usual checks, of course, but IMO the FZJ80 is prone to a frame/body resonance at freeway speeds. The 92 never did it. On a cross country trip, I will go 500 miles without feeling it, then for 30 miles it will do it nonstop. I've even stopped to check wheel weights. Over the years, I've realized that certain road surfaces and speeds will excite the front end. This was true even when brand new.

The best strategy is to spend money on a good road force balance whenever you put new tires on, and aggressively rotate them. All bets are off for lifts and larger tires/aftermarket wheels.


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