She’s had a little work done.

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Nov 7, 2016
Langford. Victoria bc
For starters my sway bar has been in need of some attention and last winter I ripped one of my rusted sway bar axle clamps. Finally got around to ordering new replacement bushings that ended up being slightly more rotund. The original clamps were about 1/4 inch too short to fit over the new bushings. This left me with no choice but to make new clamps.


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Sometime I’ll need to get a measurement of the width of a 60 sway bar. It looks like the design would fit better than the sway bar that would have been on my 45 axle. I’ve got so many obstacles in the way of hooking up a rear sway bar on my 40 (with the 45 axle). A 60 bar only has to connect two ends to the frame... should be much easier
Next thing to address the Toyota spring plates that hang down and catch on things.

Here’s the new plan, spring saddles.

They seemed to bend a slight bit torqued to 90ft lbs. It’s going to work fine but might have to rethink the design next time.


Perfect nice and slick no more udders.
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Next thing to address the Toyota spring plates that hang too low for my liking.
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Here’s the new plan, spring saddles.
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They seemed to bend up a bit torqued to 90ft lbs. I think it’s going to work fine but might have to rethink the design next time.
I've made some like that in the past, had same issue... Adding more triangular gussets in close to bolts helped.
Was a company making them once I think?

Hard to beat the gm spring plates for the rear end as far as quick and easy tho.
Its a saddle it’s not going to slip to the side or front to back. Unlike the Toyota ubolt plates when they get loose or they get stuffed into a rock and shear the spring pack bolt and leave you stranded with leaf springs splaying out everywhere.

Next project the rusty windshield frame. Someone previously removed a windshield with a saw and pry bar by the looks of things..
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I mean, I'm sure they're overbuilt and amazing.

As someone who has zero engineering or welding training, when I look at how the stress on the OEM version is across an entire flat surface and the custom ones have all that force right beside a 90 degree bend with a weld, I hope that weld never brakes.

Love the design and how it actually works so I hope it holds and does what it's designed to do :)
SOR U-Bolt skid plates even bend. They’re 1/4” or more and braced also. So a certain amount of bend seems to be normal... but it’s hard to know how much is too much.
Ha! Guess there's only one way to find out then...send it :cool:
And finished that fun.


Next to fix some rust in the roof line and one roof rack mount. Also get this amazing headliner glue that’s still holding strong, off the roof.

Then depending on how much of a sweaty echo chamber it is do some headliner something like this guy did that Seapotato found or just paint it.
Awesome Steve! Nice work. Must be so nice to have the rust gone, windshield back in and sealed against the elements again.

Drive it to my place one evening to grab some of those acorn lug nuts, and I can check it out. Or is it uninsured?
I was going to say..... Where did you find a new windshield gasket? Clearly, that isn't the old one. :grinpimp:
That gasket is actually reused not from mine, mine still had the Toyota lock strip. I bought a couple used windshields and one came with a gasket. And yes there is already some over spray on it Seapotato so I won’t feel so bad when I add more.

I did buy a new gasket to prepare for this job from Cruiser Outfitters but didn’t use it this time.
Spring saddles to clean up those spring plates that hang down and catch on things and shear the spring pack bolt when you stuff it on a rock leaving you stranded with your axle flopping around and leaf springs splaying out.

I also kept them blow the main two longest leafs the important ones so any cracked leaf can easily be seen.




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