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Jan 25, 2007
Winter Park, CO.
Nice work on Greybead Paul! The truck looks great!

DVD headrest.

I do not like these DVD players in 100 series. At best they are installed at port depot or Dealerships, once in USA (not factory installed). Why I do not like:
Installers damage interior installing.
Installers cut into factory wiring.
Old tech.
Older lower res LCD. Most have better on smart phone or tablet.
Often head rest flop around which is inconvenient at best safest issue at worst.
The often cause a parasitic battery drain.

So I removed all wiring and electronics of the system, in prep for headrest replacement. Finding headrest is a waiting game. Toyota or Lexus has two colors gray & tan. The will vary in shades, but not all that much. Each row is a different size, with fronts the largest. I just watch for parts rigs in my area, and pick up a set when available. With all the guts now out. The DVD headrest just need pulling out and replaced placed back in their place.

I took my time to trace points DVD wiring was spliced into factory wiring. I was happy that DVD wiring was not connected into audio wiring of factory system.

What a mess of wiring. I even found 3 boxes stuck up under the ashtray area, one keeping ashtray from closing.
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No more mess.
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I agree on the DVD player point. When doing the NAV delete on Butters, I traced and pulled all of the DVD and Sirius components except the overhead screen. It was nice to get all that stuff out of there. Seeing the mess in Greybeard makes me feel fortunate that Butters didn't have the headrest screens!
Nov 4, 2007
Thanks Dace.

Yeah any aftermarket wiring is always a pain. Many don't realized DVD are aftermarket. These headrest DVD can also cause headrest to flop around form extra weight, which is not good. This is the first I've had, that had both 1st & 2nd row with them.

I bought a set of used OEM 2nd row HR, form a parts rig last week. Unfortunately the seller gave me 3rd row. Which are different in size and have longer rods, so will not work.

I keep and eye out for used HR, just for this reason.

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