salvaged and junked but maybe...

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Mar 1, 2015
Oroville, CA

I need an opinion here. I am looking at 1992 with 165k, in good shape cosmetically and mechanically that has a salvaged and junked history. The Odometer checks out, and it was not in any major accidents. The title has been rebuilt. It registers 8 owners...

I know that sounds bad. Its listed for $3000 and needs tires and "front seals" apparently there is an oil leak. The current owner changed out the front bearings, steering knuckle, and a front axle.

I can't figure out from the car fax why it was originally salvaged, and from the junk designation it guess that means parts were robbed. It has been cleared for the road and runs and drives fine.

Its cheep! I can email the car fax to someone too

You should should check out Slee's web site he has a great article on what to look for when buying. Also check the cost of ownership thread and read through the FAQ. Without seeing the rig first hand it's tough to give good advise over the web.
Good luck!
i don't know where you are, but 3k for a salvage titled 92 is not what i would call cheap.

Agreed. I would pass.
Nope, not cheap for 92 with branded title IMHO.
I personally think for that price you can get a clean titled 93' and up model with the 1fz. I've scored some pretty good deals before for under $3k (93-97). Cheap to me would be under $1000 for a 91-92 with a salvage title.
Don't know what state you're in but in IL it can mean about anything-was left at a tow impound lot and not picked up-etc. Just minor damage can "total" it and be easily repaired if the new parts are expensive. In Il I was told you couldn't return it to any kind of licensable title if it has a junking title put on it. I wouldn't worry about the title unless it's newer and you're selling it. I'd be more concerned about the condition and quality of the repairs-if any. That said sounds high to me too-
I paid $3300 for a very very very clean triple locked LX 450, it did have over 250,000 miles but was very well-maintained by its dentist original owner
I bought a 1996 LX450 with a salvage title (rebuilt from collision) with 300k miles. No regrets in terms of the vehicle itself, but the price I paid was definitely too high :)

Assuming the truck checks out, the only reason I would hesitate on the deal you're looking at is the fact it's an older 3FE cruiser. I personally would keep looking for an FZJ for the upgraded brakes, power etc.

One piece of advice: new tires are $700-1000, replacing seals (if hiring out the work) could be several hundred. Its also safe to assume you will need some other baseline maintenance (unless you have complete records). Add all these to the cost of the vehicle and see if you still think it's "cheap." That $3000 cruiser is actually a $5000 cruiser, and if you think of it that way, it will become a little less appealing :eek:
If Its for you to keep till she pukes, Your taking a risk. If you have Intensions of selling this 80 In the furure, no experienced buyer will touch it. JMHO
I just bought a '94 with 250k on it. Minimal surface rust, purrs like a kitten. Paid $1200. Clear title. 3 owners.
Agreed, not cheap for a 92 (4.0, no lockers). Bought my 93, locked with 200,000 for close to that.

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