Round TWO - Turn Signals

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May 23, 2020
Here's my problem...

No turn signals
Hazards and horn work
Headlights work

Replaced flasher relay and associated fuses.

When I rearrange the wire pins on the Black Head connector, I get the turn signals to work but no hazards or headlights.

:deadhorse: Alex
yes possibly the switch. when you say black head connector do you mean the one at the bottom of the steering column under the dash that is the switch plug? If you remove the switch assembly from the column and flip it over you will see two screws that hold the turn signal arm switch down. Behind it is a spring and detent ball. Don't let this little spring and ball go flying (and get lost) when you take it apart. This detent ball holds the contact slide in the different positions. You can take the slide apart and make sure the contacts are not corroded. Not sure which is the pin that goes to ground. I know the ground wires are white w/black stripe. If you can find it you may be able to test the switch at that black plug for continuity while moving the turn signal arm to on and off position w/out removing it.
I will give that a go.

I did narrow it down to the three wires that make it all work. At the female black connector, there's a Green-Blue, Green-Orange, and Green-White set of wires. To back it up some, when I got the rig these wires were "blown to bits" from a short and I had to replace them. I matched them up to their respective colors on the male connector coming off the turn signal switch. When I did that I was only able to get the turn signals to work with no headlights or hazards. I switched the placement of the Green-blue and Green-orange wires and got the headlights to work with the hazards but no turn signals. I know that the Green-blue and Green-white are connected directly to the flasher relay and the Green-orange splits into three wires that go to the hazard/horn fuse and to each horn. The ground wires were also burnt out so I replaced those and cleaned up the terminal point with a wire brush and dialectic grease. So I don't know whats going on and my brain is going soft. Any thoughts?
I think rearranging the pins and getting the signal lights to work proves the problem lies in the switch harness and assembly. Take it out and go through it. If you need a replacement 83 toyota pick up switches will fit with minor mods.

Check out this thread:

Turn Signal Fix using parts from a 1983 Toyota Pickup
Gave it another go, tore the switch apart with no luck in the end. I checked out the link you listed, and decided to buy the 83 pickup turn signal switch from rockauto. I appreciate the insight. Thanks for coming through!

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