ROTW: 88Chevota

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Jun 5, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO
Well, It all started back in Southern California when I decided I was tired of putting chains on my 2wd Tacoma to go snowboarding. We got my wife a 4x4 Pathfinder and I took it up once and said, "I gotta get me one of these!" Not taking much time to do research I quickly sold my Tacoma and got my own 4x4 Pathfinder(IFS). I then decided to take it out up a nice steep rutted hill and got hooked on 4wheeling. I then lifted it and put 33's on it. I took it up to Big Bear to the Holcomb Creek trail. What I thought was going to be an 8 hour day turned into 25 hours later. I snapped the tie rod end like a tooth pick. I called a buddy who had a 4x4 Tahoe (IFS as well). His ifs brackets snapped off and the cv axle shafts dropped out. So in the middle of the night pitch black with flashlights and lying in the dirt we somehow managed to somewhat fix his truck then get to mine and fix the tie rod and nursed both vehicles back home. I then decided IFS SUCKS!!! After a ton of research about jeeps, K-5's, Scout's, Broncos, mini trucks, I stumbled across the FJ60 series LandCruiser's and it was all over.

Here is a pic a couple of days after I bought my 1988 FJ62. All stock. I put the wheels and tires on the first day! Took them off my Pathfinder. It had some very minor rust, and typical clear coat coming off on the hood. I got it for $3300 with 188,000 on the clock and it had never seen a trail.


Not two months after i got it the seal went out between my t-case and tranny. Gear oil and auto trannys don't go well, so it went out. Not a cheap repair but i had to do it. It was my daily driver.
From here on out everything is "built not bought". With some help from friends, almost as stupid and crazy as me, I learned to weld and wrench rather quickly. I then lifted it as soon as I could. Pinnacle 3" and revolver's. And a fresh paint job on trade!!!



Not long after that my buddies K-5 got totaled but the engine, radiator, and tranny were unharmed. I got it all for $550. I could not pass it up and new someday I would do the transplant. Not sure how, cause I had never attempted anything close to it, but hey it would be fun! That day came sooner than later because my radiator decided to fall apart. I had the K-5 radiator so I figured it was time! I ditched the revolvers and went with 1.5" lift shackles to fit some 35" Maxxis Creepy Crawlers I got for super cheap!!!

Ready to go in!!!

Oh yeah baby!!!

Chevota's maiden voyage!!! Big Bear.

I think this one is my favorite shot as of now. Calico.

I did pick up some non-usa cable locking axles for pretty cheap when I had my rear end blow out! I must admit those were pretty cool! I had also added my own creation of rock sliders and some 4runner front seats. So much more comfortable. I then moved to Colorado and I think the trip plus a few towing adventures with the cruiser loaded down did the 700R4 in. A month after I arrived in CO the tranny went out. I decided no more autos!!! Since the finances were low I sold the Cable Lockers to pay for the latest mods to the Chevota!!! SM465, NP205, SOA, Shackle reversal, custom shackle hanger positions, high steer, shock hoops and custom rear shock mounts for the 14" travel shocks, and a cruiser/mini Hybrid centered rear end. You can view the build from the link in my sig. I regret I have not have then chance to wheel it on any trails yet since the latest mods, but I plan on it soon!!!

Here is what the Chevota looks like as of a couple of weeks ago. I have since blacked out the bumpers, grill, and side vents. I will try to post some pics up in a couple of days. I love the black out!!

4runner seats!

The 5.7 TBI Chevy at home!!!

Some pics of flex. I know I can get a few more inches out of it. My rear e-brake lines are keeping the rear from drooping any more right now. Plans for some kinda lockers, and going to electric fans to free up a few more ponies!


That's my story and it has been fun!!! Thanks for all they help IH8MUD has been in helping me in my projects!!!

Some old wheeling pics!!!








One last shot. somewhere in Tahoe.
Killer rig!
wow sweet ride. Any estimate on how much the V-8 swap ended up costing you? Every time I see a 350 I get this look in my eyes but my wallet has other ideas.
Got any pics and description of the rear bumper?

I love the story and the evolution of a nice rig.
wow sweet ride. Any estimate on how much the V-8 swap ended up costing you? Every time I see a 350 I get this look in my eyes but my wallet has other ideas.

It cost me about $3000. It was well worth it. I sold my trans for $1000 and my engine for $900. That brought the actual cost down to $1100 I sold all the other stuff too. That helped as well.
I like the seats, any idea on the year?

Early 90's 4runner. They did not line up exactly but it was pretty easy to remove the the brackets and bolt on the cruiser ones.
I just figured out how to answer questions all at once.:bang:

Nice Rig! 35's look about right. What's the image on your hood?


It is a logo of a clothing company a really good friend of mine started. He passed away almost three years ago. It was called times7.

Oh man, this spot looks really familiar to me. . . looks like Caples Lake .

I wish I could remember.

Got any pics and description of the rear bumper?

I love the story and the evolution of a nice rig.

rear bumper is stock but with a cut out in the center for a tow hitch that was put in behind it. I'll post some pics in a couple days.

And thanks for the comments everyone!
good lookin rig.

always love all the room an engine swap can free up.
Very Nice rig!! The black out looks very nice, would love to see the it with the grill and sid vents finished.

What % of tint are you running, I think it looks perfect, I'm about to do it. As well as the black out.

Now THAT is a good look'n rig. Can't beat a gray 62.
Thanks guys. Here are the pics of the blacked out grill and rear bumper. it is dirty but at least you get the idea. I also blacked out the vents.




i think I finally figured out the noise. Andy's buddy said it is most likely my driveshaft. Soon as I get that fixed I am ready!

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