Roof part - how did you call this part and where can I find one...

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Jan 13, 2004
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Maybe it a re-post... Anyway, lot of post here. Lets bring it back to the top.


What is the correct word (I'm french.. sorry !) for the roof part that bolt on the windshield frame. The one I have have some rust and I what to know where can I get a almos new one !

The Toyota dealer don't have this specific part in the computer. Is that part only came with the roof assy ?

So ?

Any help will be welcom.

I too had one that was rusted badly. I just started calling every vendor in the Toyota Trails Magazine vendor section until I found one used. I don't know what it is called either but just described it as you did. They knew what I was talking about.
Can't help locating that sheet metal part that is riveted to the top and bolts to the top of the windshield frame, but can let you know that they are all not the same. I have three caps in my shop and all three are different. I think the difference is due to the windshield wipers. Early with the wipers on the top, have cutouts for the wipers. The later tops for wipers on the bottom are prettymuch straight across. One top I have has the cutouts for wipers and an additional cut out between the wiper and outer edge. No idea what that cutout fits around.
Go to and search "top". It is #14 in this pic....$60 used
... The later tops for wipers on the bottom are prettymuch straight across....

Not completely correct. There are two later styles with the wipers on the bottom. One like my 75 is straight across as the squirter is on the hood. Later have the squirter in the top of the windshield frame and thus there is a cut out in the center of this piece for this. Not sure on the year...others more knowlegable than myself can chime in.

But the hard part is finding the item. Any bodyman can alter it to the style you require.
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I've been meaning to look up the same thing but keep putting it off.

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