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Oct 10, 2018
Lake Martin, Al
has anyone added the metal wire cover to the pax rear inside door. It covers the License plate wiring. It seems to be on late model 83 ish doors. Wondering if anyone has added it to earlier models. If so, where did you get the cover? Is there a part number just for it? TIA

Living in the Past

Apr 21, 2005
Wouldn't be hard to add to earlier ambulance door. Outside edge needs two nutserts added. In the center need to make a U shaped bracket with a fixed nut because it is single wall at that location. I removed one from a 84 HJ47RV from Australia. Drilled the spot weld for the center bracket.

I later bought the doors even though they were damaged. Would rather deal with dents that rust and they were cheap. There is also another option for covering the wires that was used on LX model except in brown.

These panels require drilling holes just like front doors.

The metal cover started 8/80. Australia is probably the best market to locate a used cover. That is where @FJ40GURU is living. Have purchased parts from a number of times. Was always a easy purchase with fast shipping.
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