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Sep 4, 2005
Clear Lake Shores, Texas (Kemah)
I have a 85 fj60. I was putting a new compressor on and when recharging the system after pulling vaccuum and all that stuff, it seems I blew a hole in my condensor. The radiator thing in front by the radiator. PIST!!!!!!

Called dealership and they are discontinued. Where is the best place to get a new one of these? Any help is appreciated guys

Some local toyota dude here baycliff did some work on my cruiser / clutch work. I guess he loosened my a/c stuff cause the tension bolt was not tight. I could turn with my finger. And the two bolt on the bottom of the compressor that mount it to the bracket on the bottom were completely gone. No wonder my compressor bearings crapped out. Damn thing was tweaked when on and in a bind. I would love to run my cruiser over this azz clown right now!!!!!

Thanks in advance

I run an A/C parts warehouse here in Tucson. On Monday I'll see if I can find one. I also may have a good used one-I'll have to go through the back-room to see if I can find it.
I'll e-mail you as soon as I have some more info.
Thanks man, I also found out that Performance Radiators also may have them. So I have to wait until monday and find out if I can get one local or not. Please do check and see if you have one. I would rather have a new one if I'm going to do all this work again.

Thanks James
Anyone know of any places to score one of these?

Its dealer discontinued

Vato - zone says they can special order one, but just curious whats my choices out there

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