Project Fj35 Is Over - Lv A Total Loss

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May 10, 2004
Wow Gene, not much to say except we're glad you're OK. It comes in threes right? Damn, you must be way past that. :frown:

I don't know, think I would just call someone up and tell them to make it disappear, wouldn't want to see it anymore. :crybaby:
First, glad no one was seriously hurt.

Second, its just a flesh wound! Time to buggy it!!! :D

Seriously, dont give up on it. Have the frame straightened and have mikesta find a body for you to transplant onto it. Root must have some parts kicking around too.

At least the tail light lenses didn't break :D
At least the tail light lenses didn't break :D

No lie. The tail lenses, bib, and hood emblem are all intact without a scratch.
Front and rear bumpers are still good, along with the tailgate, rear hatch and glass, heater, and the passenger front fender. Gas tank seems to have made it, possibly the wheels and maybe the springs, and the rear view mirror. Dash and everything on it is still good. I'm thinking the 2F is too. Everything else is crushed or twisted. Even both seats will need to be straightened.

Well s***e! What do you say after something you enjoyed so much and put so much time into is lost in such a quick and dramatic way? I think the fact that I'm still here proves that God wants me to find another LV and get it on the road!
I always had an appreciation to what you created with it. Sorry it had to go like it did. Good thing your still here to share the stories. :cheers:
Well Gene, if that's the case, I'll just change the title of this thread to: "Project FJ35 On Hold".............until you find another. :D
For those of you in the 25 Owners Group that don't get over to the 45 section, this build actually lives on after 13 years. The board has changed a lot in that time but I just thought I'd put this out here for the guys who are still here and remember.

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