Pre Turbo Exhaust Leak after EGR Delete

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May 14, 2016
I'm a fat old man who used to do this stuff, but now I'm smart enough to take advantage of the fact that one of my staff has a college age gear head son. So I've been having him do some stuff on El Troque, my 1990 LJ78. He did an EGR delete this week and when I went to drive it I could tell the turbo wasn't engaging. Very sluggish and the turbo light wasn't coming on. The lad dove back in and found a vacuum line open under the throttle body and plugged it.

I drove it again and at about 2200 rpm I was hearing a shreak that freaked me out. I could tell it was coming from somewhere near the turbo. After checking all kinds of things he found an exhaust leak before the turbo. Fixed it, good as gold.

Had a few tense moments wondering if I was smart to work with a gear head college student who specializes in his tuner Miata. But all is well. Thought I'd share my story for the common good. Because that's the kind of guy I am. Long Live El Troque!

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