1. digitalbuck

    Diagnose knock in 2LTE

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was looking at an engine swap because I thought I might have dropped a lock washer into the air intake on my LJ78. When I put it back together and started it, after about 60 seconds it started a loud knock. I am just guessing about the washer. My mechanic has...
  2. digitalbuck

    2LTE Air Intake Part Needed

    The rubber is rotted out and broken on my air intake hose. This is the piece that connects to the turbo intake, and has nipples on it for the crankcase breather, etc. It was held together with some electrical tape by the lovely previous owner, and that all came apart obviously. I can't seem to...
  3. digitalbuck

    Builds  "El Troque" Comes to 'Merica: LJ78 Build Thread

    First off, I'm not a mechanic. I can do some basic things but I've grown fat and lazy. But I have this Cruiser and I want to keep making it better. So here is the story. A little more than a year ago I decided that it was time to try and find and old Cruiser. I've always loved 40's, I grew up...
  4. digitalbuck

    LJ78 Alternator Problem?

    The windshield wipers on my Prado slow down dramatically when the vehicle slows down. The A/C also stops blowing cold when the vehicle slows down. (The A/C doesn't blow as cold as it should ever, even though it's been converted to 134a and is fully charged, it just does better at speed)...
  5. digitalbuck

    2LTE Turbo not working - Help?

    The EGR system was just removed from my Prado 2LTE, and it runs smooth. But there is NO POWER. I'm assuming it has something to do with the Turbo, but I can't be certain. It does spin, but there is no power and the Turbo light does not come on. Something to do with the fuel not increasing when...
  6. digitalbuck

    Pre Turbo Exhaust Leak after EGR Delete

    I'm a fat old man who used to do this stuff, but now I'm smart enough to take advantage of the fact that one of my staff has a college age gear head son. So I've been having him do some stuff on El Troque, my 1990 LJ78. He did an EGR delete this week and when I went to drive it I could tell the...
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