1. Geordiecuz

    Vacuum system for turbo, 1991 lj78g

    Hi team, I brought this 1991 sx swb prado. Been parked up in his shed for 10 years with a new head and the egr system removed with a mechanical fuel pump installed on my 2L-TE. It runs smooth. But there not a lot of power. I'm assuming it has something to do with the Turbo, but I can't be...
  2. W

    For Sale  IOWA: 2011 LEXUS GX460

    2011 GX460 118,000 Miles F-Sport Grill Full Dobinson suspension all 4 corners JBA Upper Control Arms RSG Slider RCI Skids Ironman Bumper with upgraded LED fog lights Ironman Snorkel 33 k02 with matching spare tire/wheel Factory options HID Headlights, heated/cooled seats,powered 3rd row, power...
  3. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Right Side Sagging?

    Hello! I have an issue regarding my 1994 KZJ78 and wondering if you guys can give me any pointers/diagnose what's wrong. I upgraded the ancient aftermarket suspension to a Dobinson's 2" kit and afterwards I noticed that the driver's side on my rig is a bit lower than the left hand side. It wasnt...
  4. Cancruiser

    SOLD  Calgary, AB- Canada: BRAND NEW EGT monitor/gauge and probe kit for Diesel trucks - PRICE REDUCED!!

    I bought this EGT gauge kit for my Diesel rig but sold the truck and never installed it. Brand new and only opened to take photos Includes the gauge, probe, mounting hardware and instructions. The probe is exposed tip/sensor for instant temperature response. This gauge is a must for any Diesel...
  5. L

    KZJ78 Aftermarket Seat Covers - Prado

    Hey all, I can not for the life of me find anywhere online selling seat covers for a Prado 1993. I have seen a number of KZJ78 go up for sale with them on but can't find where to purchase them. Looking for a leather look like the below. Any suggestions would be stellar. Thanks!
  6. WildSouth

    Builds  The Latest Edition - My 1993 KJZ78 Land Cruiser Prado

    Hi all, Figured I would share my latest acquisition: a classic/original 1993 KZJ78 Prado. It's in very sound condition overall, and the seller had owned it for the past 13 years (with receipts throughout their ownership). Plan for this is a simple yet a effective touring build. It already has...
  7. WildSouth

    Picture Request Thread - Your KZJ78 Wheel Offset + Tire + Lift Setup?

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well! I have trawled the "Search" area in the hunt for info around what people's wheel + tire + lift setups are on their KZJ78 Prados. Unfortunately I have read a lot, but not seen many photos with examples to share. As the thread title suggests, I am after some...
  8. P

    SOLD  CO: 2016/Lexus/GX460 Price Drop

    2016 Lexus GX460 About 74,000 miles $37,000: Struggled to price originally but this is a fair/firm/final price. Lower and I might as well trade it in (CO taxes vehicles pretty heavy) Located in Fort Collins, CO Title in hand OEM Options (Every option selected at sale, this is rare especially...
  9. WildSouth

    For Sale  My Immaculate KZJ78 Prado (Any Interest from You Guys in the USA?)

    Hi team, Firstly, feel free to move this to the appropriate forum if it's in the wrong spot. This was thread was initially intended to simply show you guys my 1993 KZJ78 Prado here in New Zealand. She's an absolute gem: factory navy blue (hard to find!), just 165,000kms, and the truck...
  10. H

    Kzj78 mods

    Hey all! Finally got around to getting some new work done. It’s the first round of mods since I bought the Prado in November. I ordered a rear bumper and swing kit from coastal off-road. These kits are awesome and it doesn’t take a professional welder to assemble. After a lot of shopping...
  11. Pradita

    LJ70 Overheating Mystery: What have we missed?

    This is my first post and I’m a first-time landcruiser owner (a life-long dream). Nice to e-meet you all. Our little LJ70 is super fun & smooth to drive off road, but it’s also giving us overheating nightmares. Bought in 2020 and we’ve spent a year playing cooling system detectives and the temp...
  12. shermantank55

    SOLD  Georgetown (Austin) TX-1994 KZJ71G Prado--This go-anywhere diesel Land Cruiser Prado is ready for adventure!

    KZJ71G "KITSU" $24,500 Refreshed, running great and set up for overland and adventure travel. We named it Kitsu, short for Fox (Kitsune) in Japanese, it’s easy and fun to drive. Imported in 2020 from Japan, it is in excellent condition and currently titled and registered in Texas. We have...
  13. I

    For Sale  C.America 1991 LJ77 Diesel LHD Prado Toyota Land cruiser

    Good evening, brings you a 1991 lj77 LhD diesel toyota land cruiser. "3l" 2.8 4 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine. Air conditioning 4wd Price in Nicaragua is USD $8,100. My comission is 30% : USD $ 2,430 Shipping to miami or california is USD$ 1,400 Customs Broker...
  14. G

    Import Glass for 94 KZJ78

    Had somebody smash the glass on my Crusier last week and am having a hell of a time finding someone to replace. Been on the phone with an outfit in Canada but trying to find a better solution to replace this window. It's the passenger side rear door fixed window. If anyone has any advice on...
  15. fordyota

    Builds - It Started with a Rusty Screw - KZJ78 Prado

    Starting another build thread for yet another JDM KZJ78 that's landed in PacNW..or rather hoping to continue the good work started by @Lenny33 who let me pick up where he left off. He has a great build thread as well. Lenny33 put alot of great mechanical work to bring this machine to a great...
  16. KZJ78Rig

    SOLD  Tampa, FL RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado KZJ78

    Selling my RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado EX (KZJ78) 3L 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel A/T. I'm asking $26,500 OBO -Chassis has 271k = 168,466 miles on her (she is my daily so this number will continue to increase as I drive 50 miles per day). -Brand new head/kit purchased from Mr Cylinder Head out of...
  17. VonclicasLX

    New Private Facebook group Ontario Cruisers

    Hi guys, I created a private Facebook group, to discuss about land cruisers from all series, including land cruiser 90,120, etc. The group will be also planning for trail runs. We have now more than 100 members.
  18. fordyota

    SOLD  Seattle: JDM Style Grill Guard

    Selling JDM style Landcruiser branded brush guard or grill guard off Prado LJ78 / KZJ78. May work with other 70 or 80 series. Glad to get any measurements you need. These are steel, painted a Gunmetal grey color, mount direct to front bumper. Likely require drilling holes in stock bumper. Pic...
  19. K

    For Sale  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4 NO RUST

    $16,500 Link to 80+ photos 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4. Right hand drive 3.0L 1KZ Diesel Automatic Third row seat No rust 4 new tires 200k miles Owners manuals Runs and shifts great No issues Hood and roof have...
  20. VZJ95

    Strange 6th body mount??

    I was hoping some of us, especially those with a 90 series or 3rd gen 4runner, could put our heads together on an issue I have. I’ve been experiencing a loud clunk when going over sudden bumps (kinda like pot holes) coming from the rear end. It sounds as if the door is lifting up and coming...
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