Powdercoated wheels/New tires/Painted Trim

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Oct 6, 2010
My LX470.. a journal of updates to my LX

Powdercoated wheels/New tires/Painted Trim

Just got the front two wheels back and the tires mounted.

2003 LX470 106k miles on it. Purchased it last Sept with 99K.

Stuff Complete:
1. New tires - Nitto Terra Grapplers in 275/70R18
2. Powder coated the wheels - Gunmetal Gray
3. Painted the trim - Duplicolor Black Metallic
4. Nifty Catch-all floor mats
5. Tinted the fronts 35%

Stuff To Do
1. Paint the center caps to match the wheels
2. Remove running boards and replace with powder coated sliders
3. Replace suspension with OME when the AHC goes out.

Dont have any other plans at this time. Onto the pictures.





Some detail shots..



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Sweet look'n ride, like the wheels!
sexy stuff but not a fan of the runners.
sexy stuff but not a fan of the runners.

the LX body cladding looks out of place when you loose the boards. You'd have to put on the front LX mud flaps if you wanted it to look "complete". I say leave it as it is and enjoy it till you get the sliders.
Does look great. Like the trim painted.
Very Nice.
Left my LX at Slee Off Road..

Purchased the Ironman suspension and the Metal tech sliders during the Thanksgiving sale and could not get them on until now.

Wanted to get the AHC removed as one of the front shocks had a leak, but could not find a mechanic to do it here in the Twin cities. So I decided I want it done at Slee Offroad.

Drove 13 hrs to Golden, CO on my way to LA for work last week. Left the LX with Slee. Could not meet the folks there as it was a Sunday. Will be picking it up on the 21st.

Here is what I am getting done.

1. Remove all AHC components
2. Put in the Ironman suspension
3. Slee diff drop kit
3. Remove the running boards and mount the Metaltech sliders
4. Replace spark plugs
5. Replace fuel filter
6. Allignment with zero point calibration.
7. 5000 mile oil service.

Should be a fun drive back on the 21st.

Couple pictures.


My LX as I left it with them.

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Nice LX! Looking forward to seeing your pictures after Slee is done with it... Well done so far!
The 'poing' is that brick shaped object under the right side frame rail. A miscalibrated poing can really throw off the ride quality so it is best left with the factory setting.

No doubt the OP is just making sure that Slee's guys leave it as-is.
Very nice looking truck!
Nice; looking forward to seeing the transformation!
I had Slee do my LX 470 suspension transformation back in October. They did a fantastic job and for a price that could not be beat by anyone with 1/10th the LX knowledge that they have.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is your CV boots might (will likely) start leaking due to the new angle. PFran sells a set of clamps that can easily be put on to resolve this issue.
Thanks to Amory as Slee, here is a teaser with the Ironman and the sliders... Will take better pictures cleaned after I pick up the LX and get back to Minneapolis.

What do you think of the rake?? Does it look right..



A before picture at a similar angle for comparision.

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