Positive Battery Cable Q

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Feb 10, 2002
Canton, Mississippi
Does the OEM positive battery cable come with all of the fusable links attached to it if you buy a replacement?

Mine is loose and I can't keep it tight enough so I thought I would get an OEM one and have spare fusable links.
I'm pretty sure they are separate parts. You can go to OpenX to look up the parts for yourself, but the battery cable is shown as the cable only (electrical/battery and cabel), and the fuseible link is shown as a separate part (electrical/wiring and clamp). For the $116 MSRP for the battery cable, I would think you could do something less expensive. I made my own using marine-grade cable and soldered lugs with mitilary-style battery clamps.

The battery cable kit from Urban land cruisers Urban Land Cruisers LLC | Cool Stuff for Sale | Cables is $185 for ALL new cables w/ a new fusible link. These are the best cables you can get and far far better than the oem cables.

David (owner) is a good guy and shipped mine very fast. I think he currently has an ebay store, too.

Tell him you're a MUD member. :)

ebay link
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i replaced my positive cables with marine grade (tinned) 0# cables - easy! Crimped them to my lengths from Alt to batt (with stock FL), alt through fuse (for MG alt) to batt, and batt to starter. Very easy - even i can do it. seriously a :banana: job. I put the heavy duty adhesive shrink on all connections... way overbuilt, but intended for eventual winch use.

I'll see if i can find a pic of how i connected the FL.


I would like some of the Urban cables. When is the last time anyone heard from those guys? The message on the answering machine was January :shaking:

I like David, I would like to send him some business.
Cool - you won't be sorry, those things are massive! And he sends you a grab bag of marine-grade heat shrink connectors with it for anything else you may want to connect!
A little follow-up on this.

I got my parts from Urban Land Cruisers.

Super nice stuff. I can't believe the beef here. The Head to Firewall and Tcase to Body grounds that come with the Cruiser were laughable compared to the ones that the Urban kit came with.

Here is the kit all layed out:


Here is the finished product:


The posts are pure beef and give you plenty of room for accessories to bolt up to the terminals.

I highly recommend the kit. It is $185, but it is the last set of cables you will ever buy and it replaces things that you would not think of such as the small grounds that I mentioned above.

Finally, it comes with a new OEM fusable link. Now I have a spare.
Looks good.

I mounted my neg grounds to the stock location just behind the batt tray support, so I didn't have scrunch it up so much.
Looks good.

I mounted my neg grounds to the stock location just behind the batt tray support, so I didn't have scrunch it up so much.

That is where mine was before.....it was tight, I tried it the other direction, but this worked nicely once I figured it out.
Does that battery ground to the frame as well?
(looks like a secondary ground there but I can't tell for sure.)
Yes, the OEM location is the motor mount, but an alternate location that is much, much easier to access is the A/C compressor bracket.

I snipped my old ground off flush where he came out of the motor mount. and hooked the new one to the a/c bracket.

You can see the wire heading south under the one from the battery to the fender.

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