Poor Wallys Landcruiser Emporium

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Jan 3, 2003
Has any one ever heard of Poor Wallys Landcruiser Emporium, somewhere in southern Vermont near Mass. I have heard that they make these crazy 1/4 inch body tubs for 40 series and wanted some info from some one else but the actual place. Has anyone ever dealt with them or knows some one who has please let me know.

does wally's have a website? what else does he sell for fj40's?
No websight.... it's a small yet well equipped grassroots shop he runs out of one his barns. He parts many FJs of various vintage, but his main work seems to be resto. You can try to e-mail him at farmboy@sover.net , yet are better off calling 802 823 5645.
I too know "Poor Wally". He does not currently have a website but he does all kinds of thing for cruisers. Mostly custom stuff, PS conversions, engine work, fabrication and of course tubs. I have some pics of the last tub he built if anyone is interested. Listen to bjowett when he says "(over) builds, these things are rugged. I have 3/16" panels on my 76, worth every penny.

Here's a inside pic of a tub that he just built.
A few pics of mine built by him.  Before. SHe was ROUGH.
pic 2
and another
ok, one more. :D
Please excuse the lame poser shot, but I only have a few pics when she was pretty. She is a little more mangled now, but the tub is still perfect.
Tyke (aka wally) is a good friend of mine.
He does all kinds of work, and as was said before, the tubs are badass. I have a long story about a friend who rolled his at 65MPH on the highway, slid for 100 yards, then rolled 1-2 times, and walked out of it. They were able to use the tub when they rebuilt it. No kidding.

He has a ton of parts as well, and is about real close to the mass border, about 3 hrs from boston, 1 hour from albany.
You can email me for more pics or info.

He makes real stuff for use, not for show. Overbuilt, and priced right. &nbsp:Does all kinds of installs, right down to my custom PTO winch setup.
If enough people are interested, do you think he might start a web site?
he is working on one, but as bjowett said- it is just a small homerun operation. He is trying to avoid a big business, and the headache and traffic that comes with it. He does one tub at a time, custom to each vehicle, so that the doors fit right, the top fits, etc. He does not want to mass produce anything, as all of these trucks have been tweaked or bent a little over time, and the thought of a 1 size fits all tub or anything custom is just wrong.

He does have a small website with some pics, but I can't find the address.
if you find the web address, please post it. if he needs help, my wife is a web designer, as well as a graphic designer, working out of the home. works for about 1/3 the price of anyone else. and since it would be for fj40's, she'd probably work for even less, especially if it would be fun.
:)I have done bussiness with Tyke/Wally quite few times, real cool guy, he dose excellent work, bullet proof, has a good selection of used parts, good prices and can answer just about any cruiser related question you could come up with.
thought i would revive an old thread with an old pic of the man? or myth? :)
Tyke on rock2.jpg
Tyke on climbing2.jpg
Wally built my tub too..... he is a true craftsman. Great guy to work with and builds some sick s*** for Cruisers......:beer:
since the pics on the thread seemed to have disapeared i wouldn't mind some new pics of his tubs.. or maybe he got around to that website..?
yea i would be interested in seeing the lost pictures of this thread as well....how much does one of those suckers weigh? is it a complete replacment tub i.e. floors and everything? whats he put on the floors? i think 3/8's would kind of be a wast for the floors..though im diggen the idea of it for quarters and rocers ect...
A few years ago, I bought an green '82 from a guy in Boston. It had a massively built tub on it, with a huge bull bar on the front, and a 2" or more lift. Well done, good running too. Sold it in West-by-God a couple of years later. Wonder if it was one of Wally's? :confused:

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