Piston Slap or Timing Chain Noise

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Apr 29, 2008
South Kansas City, MO
I had a scary moment this morning after the cruiser sat for 3 days I jumped in this morning and cranked it up and the engine clatter was insane. Major clattering like a diesel...it lasted a good 5 seconds before it went away. I looked and the oil pressure came up pretty fast but it sounded terrible. I noticed that i had left the A/C on so perhaps that added to the drag on the engine.

Has anyone else had this experience and if so did you have to do anything to avoid/fix it?

btw mileage = 150k
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My rig (1996 FZJ-80) has a ?similar start up rattle first start up of the day for about 1-2 seconds but pretty sure in mine it is coming from the timing chain until oil pressure builds up; I read that on this forum. No difference in the rattle for me between using the cheap smaller made-in-Thailand Toyota filter and the Mobil 1 filter (M301) which is larger. Haven't tried the -20004 filter yet (see link).

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Not sure if this issuse could have something to do with it or not. My brothers 97 fzj80 just did a head gasket so got the head done up etc while its off, on one of the cams gears it has a split gear which is for doing the preload the headman said .He said if you dont do/set this or they go he said they sound really bad ,rattle and idle like a diesel lol just another idea guys
i found a pic on photo bucket of the cam gear i was trying to explain, save me taking a pic

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