pics of where engine hooks mount

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Feb 19, 2004
Lewisville, NC
can anyone show me some pics of where the engine hooks mount? I have a 69 F engine that I am putting in a 74 ground up. I think I see where they mount due to the spacing of the holes but just want to confirm. If you have the torque specs of the bolts once I install the engine hooks that would be great also.

They mount on the front passenger side corner and rear driver side corner at the top of the head. Sorry, no pics. l would not use a torque wrench to tighten them because it isn't critical. If you must, torque them to standard for the size bolt (8 or10mm). Just don't twist it off.

Good luck.
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You can see the two engine lift hooks in the photo. Obviously the front hook is not bolted tight in the photo. The alternator mounting bracket uses the same bolts. With the bracket removed the bolts are to long to tighten against the front hook.
New 2F 06.jpg
thanks for the pictures and the advise. can you lift the engine without the front bolts tightened down? I am not sure where my alternator bracket is in all of my boxes!

can you lift the engine without the front bolts tightened down?

yes you can, but you would be better off buying some shorter bolts.

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