SOLD Orlando FL 1976 FJ40

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Got a 40 here I am selling for a customer. We were going to do a build on it but it is way rougher then we initially realized.
Its a 76, (Dec 75). Clean Florida title.
First off, the good. It does run and drive, steer and stop, it does have power steering, everything does seem to work, wipers, lights, gauges, etc. Factory front discs. Amazingly the dash only has 1-2 unoriginal holes drilled in it.
It has a SBC (not sure if 350/305, I can try to get a read on the block number this week), th350 auto, single piece case. Front driveshaft appears to be fence post. Has a nice Lokar shifter but needs to be adjusted. New Champion radiator. Motor and transmission crossmember mount setup needs to be re done.
Suspension is mystery 3” springs, shackles that are way too long and shocks that are way too stiff. 2” body lift. It rides unbearably rough.
It does have a saginaw power steering conversion but the column setup needs to be completely re-done.
The entire tub is fabricated from scratch. Its bad. This is not a restoration candidate. this is a good one to to put some stock springs SOA and flipped, lighter shocks throw some 38” TSL’s on, cut the 1/4’s, get rid of the body lift, cage it and go wheel at GSMTR without care and have a great time.

there is a bunch s*** welded to the frame but it is solid.

It has power seats that actually work!
No idea if the winch works. :)
Asking $4500. Its $5500 on regular FB marketplace. the hardtop/doors and rollbar are not included.
Neither are the giant shackles, ok maybe one of them. :)





Comfirmed this morning it is 350 (65-69 car/camaro). It actually sounds pretty healthy. Not sure if has a performance cam or a vaccum leak/misfire. :lol:

Also, i think the front driveshaft is actually stainless sanitary pipe, not fence post.




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