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Clean 1982 FJ40 - Mostly Stock Daily Driver - San Diego


Location: San Diego

Purchased July 2006 from Houston and brought to San Diego, so rust isn’t an issue.

Link to more photos: FJ40-ForSale pictures by car-car_fj40 - Photobucket

I am putting my 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 up for sale. It is mostly stock with a few tasteful modifications like a 4” lift, tires and rims, and a locker. It is very clean, well maintained, garaged, and virtually rust free.

The late model FJ40’s are typically some of the most sought after production years with Cruiser enthusiasts because of the limited number of FJ40’s in production in those later years, as well as having upgraded factory components such as stock power steering, stock front disc brakes, stronger transfer case (split-case), stronger fine-spline axles (30-count splines), larger and stronger steering knuckles, better 4WD lockout hubs on the front axle, rear popout vent windows on the hardtop, carb cooling fan, 3.70 differential gearing for better mileage, etc.

This FJ40 is in incredibly good condition and I have done a lot of work to make certain that it is reliable and solid both on and off road. I had planned on keeping this rig for a very long time, but our family is expanding, and I need to sell in order to get a larger vehicle to accommodate the entire family. I have gone through pretty much every system in the vehicle to make sure everything works as it should and have either repaired or replaced any trouble areas. My goal when I got this rig was to make it a reliable and capable vehicle both on and off road. I do most of the driving with this truck on road; and the off-road use it does see is mostly fire roads and mild trails, so it has been babied and never abused. I took too much pride in it to drive it hard. I am currently using it as my daily driver, so I am confident in its reliability.

Here is a rundown of the truck (trying to diligently list everything, one way or the other):

§ Stock Toyota 2F motor - 4.2 L 6-cylinder – rebuilt, runs strong
§ New gaskets on Oil Pan, Valve Cover, Side Cover
§ Recent Tune-Up: Timing set, Valve Adjustment, new Filters, new Fluids
§ New Ignition Components: Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Distributor Cap and Rotor
§ New Cooling System: Water Pump, Thermostat, Temp Sender, 4-row Radiator, Hoses, chemical flushed and refilled with new coolant
§ Stock Aisin Carburetor Rebuilt and Tuned
§ New Drive Belts
§ New Fuel Filter
§ New PCV Valve
§ New Rear Main Seal
§ New Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gasket
§ Most Vacuum and Emissions hoses have been checked or replaced.
§ Has passed California smog tests each time on first try.
§ There is an exhaust leak at the connection where the manifold meets the exhaust pipe. It does not affect performance or reliability, but it can sometimes be smelled from inside the cab when driving with everything sealed up.
Drive Train / Clutch
§ Stock Toyota H42 4-speed Transmission – shifts very smoothly
§ Stock Toyota Split Case Transfer Case – works well, shifts very smooth
§ Stock Differential Gearing Ratios: 3.70 – front and rear run smoothly
§ New Aussie Locker Installed in Rear Differential – one of the best upgrades I have done
§ New Clutch: Clutch Disc, Clutch Cover, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing
§ Flywheel Resurfaced
§ New Clutch Hydraulic System: Clutch Master, Clutch Slave, Clutch Hose, Fluids
§ New Transmission Input Oil Seal
§ Transfer Case linkage recently serviced
§ New U-Joint on rear driveshaft at Transfer Case
§ New gear oil in transmission, transfer case, and differentials
§ The transfer case will need fresh gaskets at some point, as there is a slow leak at the gasket between the transmission and transfer case.
§ There is also a slight leak at the front differential pinion seal.
Suspension / Steering
§ New 4-inch Suspension Lift from Man-A-Fre: 4-inch Safari springs, Old Man Emu shocks, extended anti-inversion shackles, grease able spring pins and hangers, bushings
§ New Old Man Emu Steering Stabilizer
§ New Castor Correction Shims installed to ensure no driveline vibration with lift
§ Tires are 33x12.5x15 Mud Terrains, with approximately 85-90% tread remaining
§ Wheels are black wagon wheel style: American Racing 767 model
§ Full size spare with matching rim
§ New Power Steering System: Power Steering Pump, Hydraulic Hoses and fluid
§ Steering Knuckles / Front End Rebuilt: New Wheel and Trunion Bearings, Axle Seals, CV joints (Birfields) repacked, New Grease in Knuckles, New Gear Oil in Axle housing
§ Steering Center Arm Rebuilt
§ New Tie Rod Ends
§ Stock Front Disc / Rear Drum Brake setup: stops straight, firm pedal
§ New Brake Master Cylinder and complete system fluid exchange
§ Brake Booster checked and in good working order with new vacuum lines
§ New Stainless Steel Braided Brake hoses at front calipers
§ New front and rear Extended Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines to accommodate the suspension lift
§ New Alternator: had the larger capacity unit installed in case of future upgrades
§ All running lights, turn signals, wipers, and essential systems work properly with no shorts or blown fuses
§ All instrument gauges work and read properly, except for the ammeter (measures battery charge/discharge) which appears to be missing the gauge needle
§ The wiring could be cleaned up, but it all works properly
§ I keep the vehicle in the garage and I live in San Diego, so it typically isn’t exposed to the elements. Therefore, rust and other weather related issues are not an issue.
§ Both and body and frame are straight and in great shape. No dents and no holes.
§ Paint is in good shape and shines up nicely when washed. There are some slight scratches from brush on some trails, but only noticeable up close and looking for imperfections.
§ Front doors are in perfect condition with no rust
§ Rear Ambulance doors are in perfect condition with no rust
§ Rear sill is in perfect condition with no rust (this is often a trouble spot on these rigs).
§ There are no rust cancer spots anywhere on the truck. The only surface rust spot in on the underside of the wheel well fender lip on the passenger side, but it is solid and is not spreading.
§ All glass is in good shapes with no cracks
§ All bolts and bolt holes on Hard Top were cleaned with a tap and die last fall to make removal and installation as easy as possible.
§ New seat belts in front and back. Standard three-point belts for front seats, and lap belts for rear jump seats.
§ Front seats appear to be almost new. Cushion and stitching is good and not worn. There is a small tear on the middle of the driver’s seat.
§ New front door panels
§ New kick vent weatherstripping
§ Has a locking center console.
§ Dash pad is in good shape and not faded.
§ Headliner is in decent shape, although there is some slight cracking starting in one spot
§ Aftermarket Vintage A/C unit installed by previous owner but electrical needs troubleshooting (I usually run without the top in the summer, so it hasn’t been a priority)
§ Rearview mirror glass has a crack but is intact.
§ No radio installed (I hadn’t gotten around to putting one in; just used my iPod)
§ All dash switches work, although the knobs for the hazard and cigarette lighter are missing, but they still work properly
This FJ40 has been very well maintained and cared for. Again, I had planned to keep this truck for a very long time and wanted it to be both reliable and capable, so all of the repairs and modifications that I was doing was meant to be long term solutions. I always made sure Toyota or OEM manufacturer parts were used. If I could keep this rig and also get a larger vehicle to accommodate the family, I would; but unfortunately, I must sell it, so someone will be able to get a turn-key FJ40 that is in great shape. Most of the little things I had planned on addressing still were more convenience or cosmetic. The major stuff is done, pretty much all the systems are new, repaired, or in good working order, so its ready to just be driven. It’s admittedly not a frame-off restoration that would run you $25,000, but it’s a clean, rust-free rig that you can start driving daily or straight to the trailhead right away, knowing that most everything is already done.

Title is clean, and in hand.

To help with shipping, I am willing to deliver the vehicle to the carrier within 30 miles of my home at no extra charge. This should help in the shipping costs so the carrier does not charge extra for pickup service.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need more pics, or more information. Thanks again for your interest.

Looking for between $14.5k to $15.5k, so, let’s say $14.5k for fellow Mud members.

PM me if you want more pics or the VIN.

I am up for trades, but limiting it to capable expedition builds of either an FJZ80 (’95 to ’97) or 100 series in very good condition. Lower miles (around 150k or less, good maintenance, lockers, lift, some trail armor (sliders/skid plates), bumpers w/ winch, and leather for the wife (whatever makes her happy) are the base specs I am looking for. Bonus mods, but not critical, would be long range sub/aux tank, roof rack for gear/tools/cans, RTT, lights, drawers/storage, onboard air tank, etc. I am more interested in well-maintained expedition rig than a rock crawler.

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Feb 26, 2008
San Diego
Old Pinz Guy, I tried replying to your PM but your mailbox was full.

Jan 4, 2009
Middlebury, IN
Sorry, I just cleared out my inbox as I had hit the limit ;) I also upgraded my membership so that shouldn't happen again. You are a bad influence already :) You should have my email and mobile so please don't hesitate to use them until the membership upgrade catches up with me.

Thanks for your patience!!
Feb 26, 2008
San Diego
nice truck, good luck on the sale:beer:

Thank you. That is quite a compliment, coming from a guy with 4 classic cruiser models on his signature line.

You wouldn't happen to want a 5th cruiser to round out the stable, would you? :D

Thank you again for the compliment.
Feb 26, 2008
San Diego
dude, I heard you were selling! can't believe you are selling your 40, can't wait to see the 80, you will love it.....

I know, I love the 40, but at a point I am looking to fit the whole family and gear, and then off to explore.

Besides, you aren't making those wagon racks for a 40, so I have to go out and get a vehicle that you are making those for. Those are definitely on the list when I get an 80.

If you know of anyone looking for a clean 40, send them my way.



May 14, 2009
Brick, NJ
Hey nice cruiser, was wondering if you could let me know what color code of paint you used. I really like that color and the way it looks with the black wheels.
Dec 12, 2009
Man, the more I look at this thing the more I like it, it just sucks I can't afford it right now... Is it sold yet?
Feb 26, 2008
San Diego
Sorry for the delay in replying; was out of town for the past few days. Thanks for the compliments.

Hey nice cruiser, was wondering if you could let me know what color code of paint you used. I really like that color and the way it looks with the black wheels.

Thank you. I actually don't know the paint code that was used. The PO who did the resto had it painted. It's close to the color of the newer FJC's in the similar blue, but not exact. The black wheels are American Racing 767 series. I like the classic wagon wheel look in the black. Subtle and classy, not flashy.

Man, the more I look at this thing the more I like it, it just sucks I can't afford it right now... Is it sold yet?

Thanks man, not sold yet. Still have it here and waiting for you. :D
Feb 26, 2008
San Diego
Decided to sell my Accord DD instead, so I think I am going to keep the 40 as my new DD for now. Thanks.
Mar 8, 2007
vancouver B.C. Canada

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