Ok which one of you was it????

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Feb 2, 2004
Looks like a fun day. Lol
That's rad.
Road kill and it was already cold?
Im trying to picture whats going on in this guys head, so far Im thinking it went something like this;

on the phone with his friend
"shoot bud well I bagged a goodun today, think I'm gonna head to the strip club wanna come?"
That is the on stateline.lol Gotta love eastern Washington and Idaho
I'm impressed he has money left over to throw at strippers. All of my money goes to my truck.
That is hilarious!
Nice rack!
Ah, State Line... nothing about that picture surprises me. Love it.
Listen it's clear. He told his missus he was going out hunting and it would take a long time...

Stroke of luck got his kill in first 30 minutes....

So now he has choice go home.... or that's it, kill some time @ SHOWGIRLS!
This guy probably had Jack Daniels and Hydrocodone for breakfast. Damn, but he's having a good day ! Right now he's having all you can eat crab legs from the buffet and watching some showgirls.
He'll end up getting crabs alright...

Shoulda let that little guy walk and hit the cat house empty handed. Clearly a rookie. Shot a young buck and didn't even clean it. It would have been 30lbs lighter getting it onto the roof had he cleaned it!
Haha wasn't me, Damn I haven't been in a strip club in a decade! Need to change that lol

@scottryana were you just leaving when he got there? You could have went back in and just asked. :flipoff2:

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