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Discussion in 'VA/DC/MD- Capital Land Cruiser Club' started by Devilmans Hand, Aug 25, 2012.

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    All I can think of is this!

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    I received this request via the club's email.

    From: Kelly Samson-Rickert <>
    Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2018 12:34 PM
    Subject: Re: Landcruiser 99 175k miles

    Okay- I will- it has been garage kept up here - I used in snow but I also work for a company who allowed snow days - yes i know that rust is a concern is but the engine sings and all other components work but I think a fog light is out - it has a rhino blaster too - I can have my mechanic talk with anyone but I just want her to have a good home

    and be valued - I also just put a new radiator in it and I did not go for cheap - I did factory Toyota part only for most all repairs on this car. I just did that and it has 4 new 17 inch tires-Michellin with hardly any miles on it- I had to replace because of dry rot -that is how little I drove it in the last 3 years - I kept if for the emotions too long

    There is no body rust at all or quarter panel or fender rust -but there is under it - the paint is original dark green and I waxed it a lot and kept it very clean outside - inside is used but good scrub and leather will be perfect - has basic scratches for a 20 year old car but no dent - no accidents -

    We have a big rainy day now but I will look for photos and take some too. I will really miss her - this has been a family vehicle but not used a lot really -mainly sports season at soccer time and trips to maine -Va and back

    You have my line so if anyone is interested that is fine. I did not even clean inside yet or put for sale on it- outside looks new so I am only doing a clean inside it.


    IMG_1308 (002).JPG

    IMG_1310 (002).JPG

    On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 11:41 AM, <> wrote:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for contacting us, I will post your email on the club forum so all of the club members can see it.
    Would you please send some photos? Ideally, some outside, inside, dash board showing the odometer, under the hood, and under the Cruiser (rust is a concern).

    From: Kelly Samson-Rickert <>
    Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2018 10:31 AM
    Subject: Landcruiser 99 175k miles

    I have a landcruiser that is a 99 - purchased at Oursimans in VA - I now live in Maine. I am reaching out to see if anyone may be interested in a dark green - very nice shape body is not any rush - excellently maintained engine - only used certified mechanic since I have been in Maine about 8 years- I hardly drove it much as most miles are from trips between VA and Maine. I bought her in 2001 when my son was 1 and he is going to college now. With 3 kids this LC has seen a lot of adventures and I am bummed but I can't put more dollars into it as it will just need care now so my mechanic told me if i placed this in the paper that it would sell fast

    it does need exhaust work and I don't want to do this work but I want it to go to someone who will really love it. The engine is amazing-purrs and I looks great outside body - the interior is not torn or anything but needs a cleaning -kids - dogs- now kids are in college but this as a soccer and ski vehicle too.

    i dont know where to begin but I was going to reach the garage where I got it in VA as they had some mechanics there who loved my LC but first stumbled on your email because I lived in Burke and there is a LC chapter there.

    I hope I am not pestering you - I can list it somewhere else or look for other clubs.

    I just want like 6500k for it and it also has new Michelins high-end tires- which I only use Michelins but these set me back about 1300.00 with alignment, I changed oil synthetic every 5 k on the mark or earlier - timing belt was done at like 130k and water pump- ac compressor like 145 -new brakes. always passed inspection.

    my cell is 540-631-xxxx (PM me for the phone number, Ed)

    The car is in Maine.

    I come to VA sometimes as I have a son there.


    Kelly Samson-Rickert, Ed.D, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
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    $6.5 Million seems pretty steep for a 100 series... :)
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    Michelin high end tires... did you miss that part? ;)
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