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Feb 4, 2015
hey all i just bought my first fj40 got it from my dad. he had it for over 20 years it is a 72 with a small block power steering and disk brake front and rear . i will put pics on as soon as i get it to florida. iwill have a ton of questions.
Welcome aboard. Lots of knowledgeable folks here that like to share what they've learned.
pics, nubbie, pics
Welcome to the madness. Where in Florida? Hello from Naples.
I was stationed in jax many times over the years. Lived there on and off from 1982 until 2008. I still have family all over town. My buddy found my first cruiser there at NAS Jax.
So my thoughts on this are a/c, sm465 and a soa it will be a whille before i start on any of that i just spent all my fun money to buy it and i still have to get it home does anyone know of a club in n.e. florida
Finally got to Florida and got some pictures...

jamiesPhotos.jpg unnamed.jpg unnamed2.jpg unnamed3.jpg unnamed4.jpg
That looks nice. Sure you want to SOA that pretty rig?
Welcome :flipoff2:
I would agree with the above. You can clear a lot of meat under a decent lift and shackles. Interesting color. I like it!

Would also like to see your roll bar. Looks like custom to clear long jump seats.
Thanks i am not sure about a soa the rollbar is coustom i got to drive it for a week and grinned the whole time

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