Not starting but starter clicking???

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I've been having an ongoing problem with the 40 that every now and then the battery will just die for know reason. the fusable link to the alt. is not great but i think it is good enough to recharge the battery. When the cruiser it will not jump at all and the starter makes a strange clicking sound. my boss told me once that starters will freeze up sometimes, he hit the starter with a wrench and the truck started right up. How can i fix this problem with the starter. also the starter is a brand new one. any tips?
Does the hammer trick work on your starter?
Yes the hammer trick worked this morning, but the battery was weak and still jmuped it. could it be related to a bad connection between the alt. and battery. Sure hitting the starter with a hammer for a little while seems to do the job but i ultimately want to fix the problem
Hammer trick works with worn brushes, as I understand it. I'd pull the starter apart and look at them. Don't know why they would be worn on a brand-new starter, but....]

If the battery keeps going dead, you must have a draw on it somewhere, unless it is just old. Maybe one of the electrical gurus can get you started (so to speak) in the best way to track that down.
the battery is new and the starter is new. i've checked and cant find a draw anywhere. my cd player is directly connected to the battery, would that draw power?
Cd players are supposed to have a battery-direct wire, and a keyed ignition wire.
The battery wire is what enables cd players to store settings, etc, and where they get their power to operate.
The keyed ign. wire is what tells the cd player when to come on, and when to turn off.
So no, that wouldn't be it.
Hmm. ok. man i am clueless asa to what is the problem. i think the connection from the battery to the alternator is not the best so i may try to redue that. where can i get the right connection to do this. maybe autozone. and i have a hard believing the starter is bad b.c. i bought it last summer but its possible.
I've heard people have purchased rebuilt starters that have been faulty, maybe take it to a place that can test it. Some auto parts stores can test starters. Maybe take it back to where you bought it and they can test it for you. Also make sure you have a good ground to your starter it ultimately grounds to the battery. Good luck.
Is the battery truly dying? As in are you checking it with a multimeter for charge?
As earlier stated check starter ground, batter ground to frame, and you may need to add a battery ground cable to engine.
Also check the positive wire to starter.
Get that starter checked out.
When you crank up the truck, what does your ammeter do? Is it reading a strong charge?
My ammeter always reads halfway, i've never seen it move. i just went outside and tried to start it, the starter was turning fine without doing the clicking thing, it seems to only happen every now and then. Also when i went out the battery was dead. it turned over but slowly died out to nothing. I will check the grounds first and see what i find. Also i will be taking it in soon to fix an exhaust leak and an inspection, maybe i will see what they find.
Something else that sparks my interets. the truck did the exact same thing about 3 months ago and 3months before that. i find it hard to believe its a ground when it does it like clockwork, once every 3 months or so. its like the battery is slowly dieing over time.
Well, you have a wiring problem for sure. Ammeters don't just sit there. IF they work, they are swinging around a lot! Yours is either a) not hooked up or b) rusted into place. So, there's something you are not seeing. And that is tied into your problem.
Does your ammeter sit still even when the flashers are on?
If so the ammeter is either bypassed, or rusted like Dave said.
Get a good digital multimeter and check voltage at the battery at idle, at the output post of the alternator, and of battery after its been able to charge.
The ammeter i have never seen move. it is the same when running as it is when the engine is turned off. Tomorrow i will check all the grounds and look around everywhere for a short somewhere. for what it is worth, the alt. was rebuilt 1.5 yrs. ago.
Just went outside with the digital camera, thought i could get some pics to show you guys, maybe it will help. i did find a ground wire connected to the frame close to the starter and the starter seems to have no ground. could this be the culprit. also i snap a pic or 2 of the battery and it shows the connection from alternator to the battery, tell if this looks like it needs to be fixed with something cleaner. thanks
I agree, part of ur problem is electrical. but with the clicking sound. when it does make the noise, does the motor turnover (fanbelts move, etc...) cause my friends Samaruai was doing this an it ended up being a part of his flywheel was stripped and if u banged it with a hammer it would catch and then start. I dont know, im probaly wrong but thats wat i can figure.

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