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May 1, 2007
Washougal Wa
Hi all Im from Washougal Wa and I own my 3rd 40 Which Is A 70 mostly with a spring over 4 wheel disc brakes.chevy power steer ,cadillac tilt teli column.smallblock chevy w minor tweekage. turbo 400 trans,and lots of other dewdads. all done by me and my drinking palls. As usual its always ongoing and never done. I am looking forward to new ideas.
Hello and wellcome.
Can you post some pics of all your steering components.
I am helping a buddy with ideas . His rig is a 78 fj40, 350 with 350 turbo trans, LC transfer case, and sua with other mods. He doing the steering column now. The steering box he is using is from a jeep cj7 I think.
He is also wondering about the e-brake cable. Could he use a longer one from a 74 fj40.
He is not into computers, thanks for any help .
PICS ARE NECCESARY !! Also, Welcome:cheers:

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