New CSC member #519 Joel Ericson

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Mar 24, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
Please welcome Joel Ericson ( @Honger ) to CopperStateCruisers.

Joel has 2 LandCruisers, a 1977 FJ40 and 1991 FJ75 Troopy.

Welcome and please tell us more about your trucks and post some pictures.
Hey Joel! Welcome to the club. Been following your past couple builds. Look forward to seeing your Troopy and your 40!
Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm excited to join up with a TLCA chapter. I've been with TLCA since I bought my 80-series... but there's no formal chapter in the UAE (there's been some efforts to start one, but they've never made it out of infancy).

Here's a quick shot of my 40...

I'll get a good shot of the Troopy up tonight.

Both trucks are sharing a container and sailing somewhere in the middle of the Pacific right now... enroute to the port of LA and then onward to me. I've been missing my trucks something awful... =)
Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see those pics onshore,
And a shot of the Troopy...


I bought this via WhatsApp from a guy in Oman. I picked it up in January and rather quickly made some improvements before shipping it over. I've got hoards of parts in my container of personal affects that have yet to be installed. =) It's gonna be a project; but the whole family is excited to make it the family camping truck.

My build threads are linked in my signature.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Very nice rigs
I want Troopy.....welcome to the club

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