Need for parting out a 2006 GX470?

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Chris FJ80

Jan 23, 2010
Bailey, CO
HI Guys

I normally hang out on the 80 and 100 forums, but have a question for you all.

I have a 2006 GX470 with damage to the front clip area that the insurance company is declaring a total loss. It has about 165k miles on it.

I don't see many of these vehicle in the Part-Out forum, so was wondering if there would be demand for parts if I decide to part it out.

Our replacement vehicle will be a Tacoma, so I don't have a use for the parts myself
Typically just cosmetic stuff like lights and seats if your front seats are in good condition.
Other mechanical items would be good condition rear bags and radiators.

If you do part it out and your seat is not in good condition where you could get good money for it. I am lookin for a front driver seat rear pocket in tan. Mine got torn.
If yours is a non-nav version, I'd be interested in a few Heating / air conditioning components.

And yes, you can part it out. GXs aren't as common as other vehicles being parted, which means you won't have a tremendous amount of competition. It really depends on where you'll be in the truck dollar-wise. I just parted a 60 and am continuing to part out a 62, and it has been a pretty easy, enjoyable, somewhat-profitable venture.

You can get good money on a GX part out. The retail on the plastic bits inside support a nice part out price. Example...the wood trim panel that the t-case shift comes through is almost $500 new. The side vents on the center upright are basically made out of gold from Lexus. People are getting as much as $250 for used assemblies. Just search ebay and you will see:

Dash Parts for Lexus GX470 | eBay
Not to mention the drivetrain is the same as a 4th gen V8 AWD 4R. The engine and transmission is the same as a 100. front suspension and drivetrain and rear axle and components fit the early FJs and the 4R.
I need the passenger airbag light assembly in the dash.
There is a Parting Out section. Pleaee use it.
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