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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Fargo, North Dakota United States
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Well, never expected this. Wife lost her job and car #4 has to go. I haven't even driven it 200 miles.

July 1969 build date. I bought it back in November off the boards here. Great seller who kept this at his cabin on the western side of the Sierra's (dry!). He had it for 21 or 22 years? When he got it, it had just been repainted the factory color (Spring Green) so he reassembled the rest of it and then used it for the next couple decades.

Its a great truck and I thought I would keep it for a long time, but circumstances changed. I have started the process with BaT knowing that takes at least 4 weeks. If it sells here first, awesome.

I think the odometer is broken - haven't driven enough to say.

Here's what I have done to it:
New Dobinsons suspension, bushing and alignment
Holley sniper installed. Amazing how well this works. I haven't gotten the stock air cleaner to fit yet, but it will be included for the next guy
New rims from Racer City
Tires as recommended by @wngrog
New clutch slave and master
New clutch kit and rear main seal
New gear reduction starter
New upholstery and foam
I have a box of new parts still in the bags. Probably 40lbs worth and $3k. When I bought this I just started buying stuff from City Racer/Cruiser Corp/etc. Then it arrived and the PO had boxes of parts too.

I plan to follow the Preserving Patina link in the next few weeks. I have all the products for it

Instagram is @SpringGreenPatina if you want some more pics.

More to come, thanks all




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It’s at Proffitts getting an engine swap 🤦‍♂️
Love this 40!
But before I pick up another 40, I unfortunately must wait until I find out where the comma goes in this years tax check to the IRS......

What a waste of perfectly good hobby $$


New plugs and wires
New air cleaner came
New rubber mats

Check it out on Instagram!
Order up a lot of goodies!

Water pump, thermostat, new hoses and new gaskets from Spector

Replacing the missing tools in my original canvas tool roll, thanks to @jblatz ! His tool rolls are LEGIT!

More pics later this week!
I couldn’t put that old radiator back in with this updated cooling system. Cruiser Corp hooked me up with an aluminum one.

Should be installed Tuesday!
Bump for a 40 I stare at everyday wishing I could park next to my 60....but also a question: where is the transfer case selector lever? GLWS!! She's a beauty!
where is the transfer case selector lever?

stock transfer shifter in this year is between the parkbrake lever and the heater, it is a black knob, you can see it in the interior pics. also would have had 3 on the column so the trans hump was empty
...she's going to BaT! No reserve auction so it will definitely sell! Just finalizing the listing

Thanks all!
The auction will decide. No reserve
That’s Bring a trailer not Mud.
you posted here to sell or to send people to BAT?
There could be someone interested here.

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