my Iroks on my 40 tweaked my door

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Jan 26, 2005
in the garage
on my 60 :D

rolled backwards in the 60 with my door open and stuffed the lower corner into my bias Irok.
i thought for sure the tire was gonna get jacked as the corner of the door was a good 1/2"-3/4" of an inch in the sidewall....................NOPE!

but it did tweak the door on the 60 :eek:
had to lift it up by about an inch to get it to close.

i'll adjust it later.

this might be so "hardcore"
but the Iroks are :D

no pics
just trust me on this :)
spaz lol

Where are the damage pics !!

;p i'll get you pics when i get home later.

i can't even see the gouge in the tire anymore and haven't adjusted the door yet, so i could probably get you a miss-aligned pic ;p

picky,picky,picky ;)
one image woth more than 100 words ..?


ok girls!
1st pic is a scuff mark where the door and the tire meet
2nd pic is dead on even/level, no trick camera work ;p
3rd pic is the front edge of the door where the skin has seperated from the shell :eek:

Damn.. my 60's gonna fall apart :D
don't care bout the door, easy fix.
it's the $180. tire i was concerned about :eek:

wooouuu! ( was my expresion when see the door pic ! ) :eek: ya the door it's a easy fix .. with cheap cost .. but the tire hit the flare really hard ..

Did you have a complete side pic . ?
Told ya so.

These picks were taken after I fixed it so the door would at least shut. I had to pry the fender back out and away from the door.

why not remove the fender and adjust the door?


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