My dang unit's too friggin' short ...

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Ain't over yet by no means.

Was worn slap out when stopped here in Clayton last night. But looks like I needed to cover 'bout 130 more miles.

Snownin' and blowin' like a mother-****er here this mornin'. Callin' for 5" and believe that's already on the ground. Snow/wintery mix all the way down to Amarillo accordin' to the weather folks.

Gonna be slow go and I ain't goin' nowheres 'till after sunrise ... not that we'll actu'ly see the sun mind ya.

Engine runs like s*** ... to the point of bein' unsafe. Dozens of times she's died on me when ya let off the gas. And then ya lose steerin'. Right interestin' in heavy traffic. Only savin' grace is she fires right off. I'm gettin' real good at hittin' the new starter button real ****in' quick.

No acceleration and 8 mpg. Thankfully she'll at least cruise along at normal rpm's. Hopefully she'll get me home so I can get 'er tuned.
Well the sun did come out yesterday mornin' after all. Walked across the solid ice road to the baby truck stop lookin' for an ice scraper. Policeman was tellin' a fella that goin' down 87 to Texas would be really stupid and dangerous. I told the fella he could follow me 'cause I was headed to TX By Gawd. Fella wanted no part of it and policeman weren't impressed with my enthusiasm. Said it's gonna take days for someone to pull me outta the ditch. Told 'im that's exactly where I intended to drive and ... please ... have a nice day.

No ice scraper so I just used my gloves. Jeep was out in the wind so weren't in too bad a shape ...


And off we go! Put the starboard tires off on the shoulder to get lil' traction and eased on down the road at 20 mph. Damn rough ride in the plowed snow. Check out the sun reflectin' off the ice road ...

20210317_B_Ice Road Trucker.jpg

After a coupla hours and on into TX, the road turned more to snow and I was able to up my game to 'bout 40 mph. Pullin' a trailer thru this s*** definitely added to the fun. Got spicey and dicey too many times to count.

20210317_C_Snow road trucker.jpg

Then the road turned to a big ol' Slushee. Best keep track of where your tires are or ya gonna lose it for damned sure. Could do 50 - 60 here with some serious concentration.


Then if by a miracle of some sorta god, and all the way south of ****in' I-40, the roads cleared.

And I put 'er on 80 mph. Engine pulled it easily at 2700 rpm. One hand on the wheel, one hand holdin' my beer.

20210317_E_clear roads.jpg
And outta the Snow Bowl ... and into the dust bowl. Sometimes hard to see much down the road.

20210317_E_dust bowl.jpg

Just kept runnin' a solid 80 and hittin' a hun'erd to pass folks. Believe there's hope for this engine.

And right at sunset, I made it to the Katemcy Rocks Park.

20210317_F_Katemcy Entrance.jpg

Damned good to see all my good friends again.

Chunked all the s*** outta the trailer into a big pile, crawled in, ... and slept like the dead.
Nice my good Friend.
Glad to see u made it to Texas
Good to see ya!! Glad you made it.
Didn't see you there JP supportin' the Land Cruiser community. :flipoff2:

Thanks Scott ... good to see you as well sir.

So even tho the engine ran like s*** at low rpm's ... I came too far not to fight my way up on a rock. :grinpimp:

20210318_A_On the Rocks.jpg

20210318_B_On the Rocks.jpg

20210318_C_On the Rocks.jpg

Then she spit and sputtered her way back to Jacksonville. Put 26 hun'erd miles on 'er this trip ... and didn't burn a drop of oil. :clap:

But the best news is I done already found me a dyno shop here in town. Fella's actu'ly a technical advisor for HP Tuner and an instructor. Says he can sure 'nuf get 'er runnin' for me. Drop it off at the shop tomorrow for 'im to play with. :bounce::cheers::bounce2:
Could you please build another custom expo trailer to match this here Jeep. Then get bored with it and sell the whole setup to me next year? :flipoff2:

Your request has been duly noted sir. :grinpimp:


And your request has now been granted ...

He's workin' on it. Sounds like he knows what he's doin'.

Says the hack up in Cheyenne that tried to tune it basic'ly scrambled the programmin' in the brain tryin' to jury-rig it to make it run. Pretty sad.
Spent an interestin' day ****in' with the thang yesterday. I believe it's a story that needs to be told.

Last Thursday, Tuner #2 here in Jacksonville said he couldn't get 'er dialed in due to the corrupted files in the ECU and recommended I convert over to the Holley EFI ECU for 35 hun'erd bucks installed. Then he could tune it. I reminded 'im that my ECU ran my last hemi perfectly and asked 'im why we couldn't just send the ECU back to Hotwire Auto where I bought it and have them flash it with the baseline programmin' again and then start over with the tunin'. He said it might work and I should bring it back for his second attempt to tune it ... but he really thought I should go with the Holley system. My first day off work after that conversation was yesterday and I had told 'im I'd come fetch the jeep. Meanwhile, between the conversation on Thursday and yesterday, I found another tuner 'bout 30 miles down the road from Tuner #2 and had made an appointment for yesterday afternoon for another opinion.

So yesterday at noon I arrive at Tuner #2 shop. He says it runs a lot better but he can't control it at low rpm's due to the corrupted files. Charged me 250 bucks and said he looked forward to tryin' again after I tried getin' the ECU reprogrammed. And it did run better above 1800 rpm. Showed signs of acceleration that were pleasin'. But still miserable at low rpm's and hard to keep 'er runnin'.

So I eased 'er on down the road to Tuner #3. Updated 'im on progress/lack of progress from Tuner #1 and Tuner #2. He asked if we could plug in his computer and take a ride so he can see what's up. I thought that was an outstandin' suggestion and off we went on 'bout a 20-minute test drive. Soon as I fired up the engine, he confirmed it was idlin' like s*** 'cause the low rpm files were corrupted. Then he said my fuel pressure readin's were all over the place so I gotta fuel pressure regulator issue ... and I told 'im that s*** was all new. So he told me I must have a leak. Then he said the O2 sensor readin's were all over the place so I gotta sensor issue ... and I told 'im that s*** was all new. So he told me I must have a leak. This was all in the first 5 minutes while we were still in town with a 30 mph speed limit. Once we got in a 60 mph zone, he told me to hammer it. So I did. And I thought it was scootin' along right nice. He said computer shows tune's all ****ed up and the engine's only producin' a fraction of the horsepower it should. On a side note, he also said was very impressed how rock-solid the jeep handled at 80 mph. Least there's that.

So back at the shop, we open the hood and he quickly finds the fuel leaks from the driver's side injectors and the exhaust leak on the passenger side manifold. Says no way the engine can be tuned with them leaks. Previous tuners were tryin' to overcome the leaks with a computer and it ain't gonna happen. Gotta fix the ****in' leaks ... and he don't do no wrenchin'. But he works real close with a local engine shop that specializes in hemi's but don't do no tunin'. So I call 'em up and the fella said he'd be more than happy to go through the engine and fix the s*** and also provide Tuner #3 with all the info he needed to tune it right ... but they're booked solid 'til May 11th. So I made me an appointment for May 11th.

I tell Tuner #3 I'll drive 'er back to the trailer park and store it till' then. Be a good time to send the ECU back to get it reprogrammed. He loked at me like I was stupid and asked for the contact info at Hotwire. He proceed to email 'em the files of the test run we just took and and asked 'em to compare to the original s***. They quickly responded with a confirmation the files are ****ed ... AND ... emailed the original files. No need to ship nothin' nowheres. Seems like maybe I finally done found me a man that's actu'ly interested in makin' the Turd ****in' run.

He recommended I have 'er towed back to the trailer park 'cause the fuel leaks are an extreme fire hazard and the whole thang could go up in a fireball. I told 'im I could never get that ****in' lucky and drove 'er on home. And put 'er in the storage area to wait 'til May 11.

But maybe there's hope this time on Round #3.

We'll see.
Progress! At least it sounds like you are going in the right direction. And more HP's is better, too.
The leaks on a brand new engine are aggravatin' and I look forward to hearin' the cause of 'em.

Also look forward to havin' all this s*** behind me and just drivin' the damned thang.
"Didn't see you there JP supportin' the Land Cruiser community. :flipoff2:"

You must be blind:flipoff2:
I was there in my heart...
...being a responsible business owner it's not ez, couldn't get out from work...
I know thats no excuse..

I might not be able to travel much this year to the Land Crusier events.
This year it's a great year for my family and I.
I'll 50 years old later this year:smokin:
It'll be my 20th wedding anniversary with Alma:clap:
My son Pablo goes to College:bounce2::bounce:
I might go to the cotton land gig whenever that is
we'll see

You keep trying to fix that Heep that has cost you more than my house in Mexico.
Buy heep that works, perhaps a gladiator with all bells and whistles and focus on better things.:flipoff2:;)

as usual, your stories are great, stay healthy.


So where are you on that Heep of yours?

it's been quiet here..
Is it right?

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