My dang unit's too friggin' short ...

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The yella Ferrari was cool for sure. Don't recall ever seein' a yella one.

Owner was a nice guy and made me give 'im a tour of my yella jeep. He was impressed. :smokin:

I honestly don't know how much money I got in the jeep and reckon it don't really matter none no-how. I've paid cash ev'ry step of the way for almost 7 years now so at least I never was in debt on the damned thang.

And it's almost finished. :grinpimp:
hi there!
glad to hear the yeller heep is running

are you happy now? :flipoff2:
Yes ... Yes I am.

She's in the paint shop now gettin' the lil' driver's door repainted. Paint done f***ed up.


Gotta make sure she's purdy for the Roundup. :grinpimp:
What happened to this one? I have pics of the undercarriage in the sunshine :) .

Evidently, the lil' drivers' door done been in a wreck at some point in it's life. That's why the outer sheet metal was so floppy.

Local paint shop fella did a great job bracin' 'er up on the inside with some angle iron ...


Once the door was rock solid, then it was a lil' bodywork to smooth 'er out like glass, and some primer ...


Then some of that beautiful, beautiful yella ...


Then put 'er back together again ...


I smell a roadtrip comin' on. :smokin:

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