My dang unit's too friggin' short ...

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Mar 21, 2005
Diggin' mud
Over the past year or so I've really struggled with the length of my unit. A coupla weeks ago when I was campin' with the roommate ... it became a serious issue. :bang:

At a mere 31", my hand was just too close to the fire to properly cook a hot dog. :crybaby:

20150425_1_short unit.jpg

So I eased on south across the border to Cabela's and got me a longer unit. At 41", this represents a significant improvement. :cool:

20150425_2_long unit.jpg

When I walked outta Cabela's with my longer unit, I done spied me a potential solution to another dilemma I been facin' ... how to tote my bad-ass, fat-tire bike up to the trails in the mountains. I thought I had this issue solved when I bought me a super-pimpin' bike rack.

20150425_3_rack in box.jpg

'Ceptin' the thang won't fit on the back of my junk since I got all the other crap already hangin' on the back of my junk.

20150425_4_rack no work.jpg

So when I done seen this here junk sittin' in the parkin' lot of Cabela's, I realized maybe my rack would work on it and I could tote my bike around. :idea:

20150425_on trailer.jpg

So with my new longer unit in hand, I eased on over to the thang for a look-see. Since it was real close to the same color as my bike I told the fella to roll 'er off the trailer and I bought it. :grinpimp:

Once I got 'er home, I commenced to seein' how the bike rack would fit. But I just couldn't stand lookin' at all them silly stickers the fella had on the back glass. :eek:


So I stripped 'em all off ...

20150426_2_no stickers.jpg

Much better. :cool:

And I chunked the rack and the bike on 'er. Picture was taken pretty close so the angle's funny but the bike don't stick out no further on either side than the tires do on the jeep. :clap:

20150426_3_with bike.jpg

So problem solved! Can now tote the bike to the trails.

Lotta folks mighta just bought a hitch extension for the truck so it could tote the bike as well.

But that just ain't the Kowboy Way. :flipoff2::flipoff2:


Next thang I had to get shed of was them dope-smokin' Colorado tags. :meh:

Went out Monday mornin' and she had a nice dustin' of snow ...


After a bit of snow brushin', off I went to get the new title and tags. Which is a snap in the Great State of Wyoming. :cheers:

Once I got 'er back to the house ... I started noticin' that my new bike hauler has some pretty cool stuff on 'er.

Like some 37" BFG Krawlers (Crawler with a K is just flat-out COOL!!) ... mounted on some Hutchinson D.O.T.-approved beadlocks.

Now that there's a bonus for darn sure.


And when I was slappin' on the new front tag ... I noticed the sexy lil' bumper hidin' the Warn 9.5ti winch with a synthetic rope and Factor 55 fittin' on the end. And a pair of Hella Rallye 1000 lights.

Now that's all yet another bonus too boot. :bounce2:

20150427_3_front end.jpg

I'm back at work now ... but one thang for certain ... when I get back home after this here hitch, I'm sure gonna look 'er over real close to see what other kinda surprises my new bike hauler might have. :grinpimp:

You're a friggin genius.
so you bought a Heep just to carry the darn bike????:hmm:

What am I missing here?:confused:

The hitch would've been cheaper than the Heep, even if it would've been custom made.

do you even fit on the Heep?

I've driven those things and they're small, even for me.
well now you have a heep to wheel the hell of it. sorry and to carry the darn bike.

now talking about bikes with fat tires, whats the purpose of these fat tires on a bike?

wouldn't them fat tires make it heavier to pedal?:hmm:
Fat tires on a bike are the same theory as fat tires on a truck ... better flotation on soft ground such as sand or snow.

And just like trucks, low gears make it all better.

After a rainy day Friday and a snowy weekend, Monday came about nice and sunny ... even if'n it was a mite on the chilly side.

So cleaned the snow off the bike hauler and headed up to the National Forest. A 30-minute drive from the house sure puts a fella into some purty country.



One of the thangs I never liked 'bout the JK's is the silly plastic fenders they got. This one's got the 'notorious flares' from Nemesis Industries. They're metal and high clearance. Nice. :cool: Also has their rocker protection to boot.


'Nother unique thang on this rig is the tailgate. For comparison sakes, here's a pic I found on the world-wide web of a stock one without the spare tire carrier ...


And here's the one on the bike hauler ...


Shaved the handle and side hinges and added a solenoid switch to release the catch that operates off a switch in the cab or on a remote control fob. Hinges moved to the bottom so it opens like a traditional tailgate and has cables on it to hold it horizontal like a normal tailgate. Then the one-off jeep deal in the middle. The 'headlights' are wired into the reverse lights. The eye below the two 'e's is a camera lense that is wired into this contraption where the rear-view mirror belongs ...


Hate to think how much the fella spent on the tailgate alone. :eek:

Overall I kinda think it's cool. The reverse 'headlights' currently don't work and the rear-view camera is worthless. I'll get the lights fixed and chunk the monitor and install an OEM rear-view mirror in it's place.

Also check out the custom rear bumper in the middle pic. Nice back-up lights wired to a separate switch, coupla recovery shackles, and trailer wiring. I do like the bumper.

Conditions were very wet in the forest so most assuredly didn't wanna make no tracks off the road. Was killin' me seein' all the rocks around and not bein' able to drive over one. :bang:

But then I came across this here lil' one right at the edge of the road and promptly mounted it. :hillbilly:


She seemed to flex pretty good so I looked underneath and seen the Teraflex long-arm suspension ...


and looked behind the tire and spotted a long-ass King reservoir shock.

G_King shock.jpg

Since it was easy access, figured mize well take a peek at the front axle ...

H_front prorock.jpg

Sure was surprised to see a ProRock 60 hidin' behind the monster tie-rod. :bounce2::bounce2:

Eased on down the road and found me a big rock.

So I drove up on it. :steer:




She sure crawled up that rock nice and easy. Since I was out takin' pics anyhow ... mize well peek underneath. :meh:

Atlas transfer cases are cool. Don't care who ya are. :flipoff2:


(Bottom of the pic is a tank for the onboard air system.)

This explains the shifters next to the 6-speed transmission shifter.

J_Atlas shifter_1.jpg

BUT WAIT!! ... there's more!

What's this underneath the seat?? ... a THIRD shifter? ...

J_Atlas shifter_2.jpg

Oh my ...

J_Atlas shifter_3.jpg

That's right ... 4-speed Atlas just like in my junk. :cheers:

So climbed my sorry ass back inside and then climbed on up the rock. :cool:

K_top of rock.jpg

Which provided a great view of the rear axle ...

L_rear prorock.jpg

Matchin' ProRock 60 and 'nother pair of them fancy shocks.

Gotta cool custom switch panel on the top of the dash above the stereo. Reckon them switches on the right helped climb them rocks. :clap:


ARB's front and rear. Haven't tried the winch controls yet or the rock lights. :meh:

After an absolutely beautiful lil' drive thru the forest, it was time for a beer. :beer:

And the Bunkhouse Bar & Grill is my favorite waterin' hole and happens to be right on the way back home. :grinpimp:

N_Bunkhouse Bar & Grill.jpg

With a few beers in my belly and a heavy foot ... I realized on the way home this ol' rig seemed a bit peppy for a jeep. :confused:

Mite have to look under the hood next time I'm home. :meh:

So basically some fool with too much money to spend built this here rig and then decides to sell it for pennies on the dollar. Sounds like a story I've heard before somewhere...
The genius is how the author sets the hook. Good story, this bike lift...
Sounds like a story I've heard before somewhere...

Yessir ... but sure is a nice change to be the fella spendin' the pennies rather than the dollars. :grinpimp:

The genius is how the author sets the hook. Good story, this bike lift...

Thanks Garth. :cool:

... and you hush Jason. :flipoff2:


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