Metal Tech's 80 is getting some new guts......

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Jan 24, 2006
It is no secret that the crew at ~ M E T A L T E C H 4x4 . C O M ~ is building up their orange 80 series for this years The Official Moab Utah Home Page - trail runs. Being unmistakable makes it a wonderful marketing tool. I contact Mark with a proposition and with his blessing on a complete interior design that would also be a marketing tool for me.

Mark removed all three rows, doors panels and console for me and I set out with my company to come up with a interior that would showcase the orange 80 and the leather interiors I sell here on mud. But this was also a chance to be able to do an exact factory reproduction that has never been done before. The original covers have two thin strips in the bottom and back that are a manufacturing nightmare. I have pushed for this for some time and finally got my/your way.

So after a few weeks of patterning here is the first set done in OE gray and Metal Tech orange centers. We will also be installing orange leather inserts in the door panels with new gray leather arm rests and will be completed by next week.

This is so going to get attention.


This is my year to give a little back.
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Sweet. Love the orange/grey seats. What colors will be available? I'm going Avocado Green durabak, would love to to the leather "insides" to match at some point :cheers:
very nice work. Any tentative plans for reproduction cloth? The print pattern for my cloth seats is terrible :eek:

That is a realm I don't want to enter....I have sent the 60 series to a weaver, but the cost and return is upside down.

I do have leather replacements for factory cloth.


Wow...that looks great. I smell some leather preventative maintenance coming on...

SPECTACULAR work as always!


very nice.

should glean alot of attention at Moab as well as the truck.
Yeah man, killer job!
Very sweet. Me likey. You get four pimps. :grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp:
Ditto, I'm planning on doing the leather this summer, will the complete kit be ready by then?
so how long before we can order the correct leather for our 80s or is it already in the works.

Did you notice?


It is patterned like pictured above and a much more involved kit including arm rests but no door panels as they never see wear.

I will also have a console piece available (might be an addition) or with the kit, not for sure yet.

That's pretty sweet. Good job.

They color combination is odd to say the least but once installed in that vehicle it will be awesome...:0

The color combination is odd to say the least but once installed in that vehicle it will be awesome...:0

Wait till you see the door panels installed with the seats.....

That looks awesome! So are those kits available for the posted prices?

They are available, but no concrete prices as of today.
Those are awesome and that's great news! I had almost resigned myself to settling for the Lexus pattern.

So by armrests you mean door armrests in the kit?
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