Manifold crack? What you think?

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Jun 21, 2018
So I'm replacing my carb with the one that Jim rebuilt for me. I took off the carb insulator and saw this. Is this a normal casting mark, or do you think it's a crack?

Also, I forget what the deal with gaskets on the insulator. Am I remembering correctly that they are not necessary?

Thanks gurus!
Weirdest type of crack I’ve ever seen! IF it is. Only way to know is to pull the mania and see if there’s a ton of built up carbon on the underside. Mine was a thin line from front to back.
Regarding the gaskets, they aren’t necessary unless your insulator surface has a bunch of imperfections.
I don't see a crack, I see casting marks, but difficult with these pix.

No gaskets if your insulator gaskets are intact. Give them a thin smear of Sil Glyde to keep them from sticking, next time.
Thanks! It doesn't look like a crack to me.. But some of the ones I've seen are tiny! I really don't want to pull the manifold as I've heard that can cause more headache if it's not leaking already. Any other way to know for sure?

Those pics are way better. I say it’s a casting mark too.
Just use a mirror to look. That gasket is $20

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