Man i F___ed up

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Feb 27, 2008
Kernersville, N.C.
Yesturday I took a vacation day to run my fj over to a muffler shop. I stopped several times to make sure the car was on the dolly correctly and check the FJ for any problems. Well I get to the muffler shop and noticed the front drive shaft hanging down.
O sh_t something happened and it popped into gear, evedently I had it in either 4low or high and it broke the front nose cone and I lost the top of the drive shaft (Slip yoke and slip yoke flange). The nose cone is still there but the part that holds the shaft that shifts is broken. I also spoke with the shop and they decided not to do the work anyways. This was a very unfruitful day.

Anyone have a spare slip yoke & flange for a 4speed that will work for a 77? Anyone have a spare nose cone or transfer case you would get rid of?

Pics to follow tomorrow.
Is it possible that you went over a bump and the driveshaft came apart or was too long and it jammed into the nose cone?
dang dude, that sucks. Pops and I were out that way and contemplated coming by to peek at the project but Ive been trying my best to ignore your classified add.

Try PMing mdemegglio (SP?) he may have a 77 laying around in RDU area I sold him a while back; not sure if he ended up using it or if it could be had and replaced. Also post up on ONSC as there are lots of folks more than willing to help a local out if they can and a few parts hoarders as well.

and what shop were you trusting your 40 to for exhaust work, looking for someone closeby (im in high point) to do a custom y pipe and exhaust for the 55

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