Low RPM - lights and power steering

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Jan 19, 2021
Renton, WA
Curious to know what’s normal and what indicates a malfunction.

Electrical: lights are dimmer when parked at normal idle speed and get brighter when engine is revved. No charging issues or electrical gremlins. Just an observation. I’m wondering if 650rpm doesn’t create enough alternator charge for the total draw and if that’s normal or an indication of a malfunction. 1981- all systems stock, new battery but original alternator.

Power steering: when idling, steering can become heavy and feel like there is no power assist. It is intermittent but only happens at low rpm idle turning like when rolling backwards into a downhill parking spot. Fluid is full. I haven’t flushed the fluid because I plan to take the entire steering system apart next winter and rebuild all components but I want to know if this is a normal baseline function for stock power steering or a stuck/worn system indication.

Thanks everyone
What voltage are you at at idle?

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