Looking to remove the smog pump from a early 1980 FJ40

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Sep 12, 2020
Haslet TX
I have an early 1980 FJ 40 pre Aug of 1980. Like the 1979. Wanting to remove the smog pump and remaining unnecessary hoses. Is there a kit out there to replace the pully?
I see they have a kit for the latter 1980 and up.

Looking for advice.

Tommy, you’re looking for TLC Performance. 110.00 I think if you are going to install this in place of the air pump, you could do it without removing the P/S pump and bracket ( that is if you have P/S ) by taking the left apron and fender off. A lot more access that way. Save all your removed emissions parts, if you sell your 40 the buyer may need them where he lives...
the 79 and 80 smog pump is smaller than the later 2F
you need the smaller idler pulley setup, Jim C used to have it available.
I modified a later setup on mine, needed to shorten the bracket and weld the bushing back on.
Dave W. How’s your project doing?
House purchased. New 3 bay garage being drawn up. As you probably guessed...."what does a colorado resident need smog pump for?"....i seem to be in the collecting parts business also. ;) Can you really ever have enough parts....

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