Looking for help sourcing harness, carb and gauge cluster for 1980 FJ40

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Nov 1, 2017
Malvern, PA
hey! I recently purchased a 1980 FJ40 that is in need of a few parts to get her on the road. Blair from Tommy's Automotive has been absolutely awesome at providing some guidance and help along the way. I've got most everything sources to get her roadworthy again, but I'm having challenges sourcing a carburetor other than after markets. Also, harness behind the dash is pretty fried, so I'm in need of replacing that as well. Most likley thinking of buying a used harness and take what is needed for repair. Lastly, I'm looking for a complete gauge cluster as both of mine are fried as well. This one looks sufficient, but want a second opinion


Any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Rob
Hey Caz....thanks for the quick reply. Blair mentioned that you have a 1980 FJ that is the same color (Deere Green) as well. I only need the behind dash portion that we're planning on splicing into the current harness. LMK as I think we only live about 15 minutes apart

Cheers, Rob
That gauge cluster is in kilometers, just FYI. If none of your local brethren have a gauge cluster you might want to call Mark at marksoffroad.net (@65swb45 ) and see if he has one.
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I for sure have a carb. Do you have a pic of your cluster? As @SW20 pointed out, there are some subtle differences in the faces on the 79+ clusters.

And Patrick, it’s a dot NET, not a dot.com.
I for sure have a carb. Do you have a pic of your cluster? As @SW20 pointed out, there are some subtle differences in the faces on the 79+ clusters.

And Patrick, it’s a dot NET, not a dot.com.

Pics of cluster



The listing for the cluster on EBAy says they are out of stock. That's a very good price for a brand new instrument cluster. I personally don't have any extras, lotsa parts for them but no complete clusters.
Brian speaks highly of City Racer and I have no reason to say anything different about him. I have a few nice faceplates that read in MPH as opposed to KPH. A brand new cluster at City Racer's price is a great deal. Used ones usually go from $100-$175.
Brian has also used new carbs from CR twice now and is very happy with them.
This is the correct 1980 Cluster. Between the 50mph and 60mph, it should have a "55mph" in between. The 1979 did not have the "55mph"

Yep, this is the one we need. The stock one that was in the truck has gfs (green fuzzy stuff) all over the board. Rob provided another cluster, but it does not have the three spade connector on it, only two studs for power and ground.
Thanks everyone for the input. Anyone ever used www.instrumentclusters.com for restoration/repair? I'm waiting on an estimate from them. Seems my 1980 cluster may be hard to source. Good options for carbs...thanks for the input...
I believe I have a harness for a 79. Don't know if they are the same or not. Not sure of condition either - I'd have to dig it out.

Hey Caz, Let me know about the harness whenever you have time to dig through your stuff. Thanks!
There was a guy on MUD who restored 40 clusters and put them on eBay for $800 if I recall. But they looked brand new when he was done. Very meticulous.

I'd reach out to these guys and see if they've done 40 clusters before. Post up how much if you do talk to them.
got it. thanks again for checking on the harness. Lancaster still isn't that far :)

Hey Caz, Happy New Year! Any chance you'd have time to dig around your garage and look at that harness? It's still an outstanding item for me. Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, Rob

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