wire harness

  1. L

    For Sale  1998-2002 LC 100 Dash Wiring Harness

    *****DOES NOT HAVE STEREO PIGTAILS**** I purchased this because I needed the pigtails to do stereo conversion. As stated above, I cut those pigtails off but other than that it's a complete harness. It is sitting in my garage and would like to get my money back. Please do not low ball and waste...
  2. S

    For Sale  Central Coast California 1971 FJ40 $5125 OBO

    So, these are my pouting words from a defeated man. I just now decided after breaking my new windshield during the install, that working on this FJ40 isn’t bringing me the pleasure it once did. Despite all the work and money, it still looks like a beater and I am just to tired to see beyond that...
  3. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW TX, 1978 FJ55 Wiring Diagram

    Original wire diagram for a 1978 FJ55. Could be used as a resource or as wall art. $shipped.
  4. Gatman

    Newbie needing help! Wiper motor wiring conversion

    Hi everyone, So I bought my first Cruiser, she's a 1983 60-Series and for the first week, the windshield wipers worked fine. Long story short the white nylon gear broke internally in my factory wiper motor rendering it useless and fortunately I was able to locate and purchase a used replacement...
  5. Bluetribal

    For Sale  1994 80 Sereies Electrical Goodies

    Dash Switches $10ea Dash Blanks $5ea Sensor Deceleration $20 Fuel Pump Relay $40 Relays from main fuse block under the hood $5ea ECU $75 Some more items pictured up and ready to sell. You need complete wire harness' we got you! Main harness from the battery with the main fuse box...
  6. LDub

    Engine Wire Harness Copper Connection Location?

    Hey guys, I've been in the process of doing a what I call a Baseline+++, and need help remembering where the rectangular copper connection off of the main Engine Wire harness connects to? I thought I took enough photos, but I can't seem to find where it was before I took it all apart. It seems...
  7. T

    Real time help alternator plug wiring colors

    I was rebuilding my alternator on my sons 2000 LC and the plug on the wiring harness broke like glass when I was taking it off. I bought a new plug, but when removing the remains of the old one I am not certain whether the wires got maintained in the correct order. My factory alternator...
  8. Robbie G

    Looking for help sourcing harness, carb and gauge cluster for 1980 FJ40

    hey! I recently purchased a 1980 FJ40 that is in need of a few parts to get her on the road. Blair from Tommy's Automotive has been absolutely awesome at providing some guidance and help along the way. I've got most everything sources to get her roadworthy again, but I'm having challenges...
  9. 4Cruisers

    Distributor Wire Harness from Coil/Igniter - Question on Lengthening

    Quick question on my '76 FJ40 ignition upgrade - I installed the FJ60 coil and igniter in the same location as the FJ40 parts and figured out/reconnected all of the wiring except for the two wires to the distributor. The wires are about 6 inches too short. Is there anything special about these...
  10. J

    For Sale  complete '82 fj40 wire harness

    I have a complete '82 40 wiring harness in good shape. $200
  11. stainless 40/45

    For Sale  1987 fj60 wire harness

    just removed it is a complete harness from the front to the disconnect in the back driver side. This does not have any of the back connections at this time. Taking this out I cut one wire to the antenna and that's it Great if you need any spare factory parts. $85 shipped
  12. CaptKevman

    fzj80 trailer wire harness conundrum

    Howdy all, Doing some troubleshooting of why my trailer light harness isn't working, I came across the weirdest thing. I found whoever put in the wires cut about 1/4 inch of wire from the original trailer wire harness, P/N 00526-00930, for what appears to be the left hand turn signal wire. I'm...
  13. LINUS

    Soy based wire harness covers/insulation - models list for class action suit

    Hey all - just found out about this, wanted to pass along the list of models with this stuff. Class action suit is because rodents think this stuff tastes like food, so they are attracted to it. List: 2011-2016 4Runner 2013 Avalon 2012-2013 Camry Hybrid 2009-2016 Camry 2014 FJ Cruiser 2010...
  14. Ryan Leap

    Electrical wiring Harness

    Hi, I am having to rewire my fj80 after the wiring harness got fried. I don't know much about this area, so I have a question. In the pic, is that big wiring harness with the green tape part of the engine wire harness or is that the cowl wire? Any help would be appreciated. This was the harness...
  15. F

    65 fj40 wiring harness

    I want to put a new wiring harness on my 65 fj40. it was having grounding issues and has been sitting since. Is there anyone that I can hire to come out and help? It ran great before the grounding issues. then next is new tires . It's all original with 3 on the tree. I was...
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