1. G

    Toyota Sequoia Aftermarkt Fuel Tank options?

    Hi Everyone, do you know of an aftermarket extended range fuel tank options for a 2013 Toyota Sequoia? I've contacted the guys at TranserFlow, who make them for the Tundra, however at this time, they don't have any for the Sequoia. They did offer to customize for the sequoia, as long as the...
  2. L

    oil pressure gauge wide movement range

    It's been a few months that my LC's oil pressure gauge pointer would sometimes point to the lowest tick mark on the gauge, see attached photo, I was on highway today at a bit over 40mph, even when I was at 55, it was pointing to the lowest. What could be causing it? I remember before it always...
  3. BerettaMato

    Builds  Front Range CO Build - BerettaMato

    1993 FZJ80 White As It Sits Now. Current MODS & Gear: Engine Swap (Adventure Offroad 4.6L HO) ARB AIR Lockers F/R 2x ARB HP Compressor Front & On Board Air Rear Nitro 4.88 R&P Gears AVM Hubs & Slee Part Time Kit Factory Locker, Compressor & CLD Switches Factory Hand Throttle 3.5" Autocraft...
  4. adaharsh37

    Wanted  FJ40 $10k range in midwest

    Hi I'm a long time lurker and just joined the forum. I've had a few yotas in the past and finally am in a spot where I'm looking for a 40. I'm not opposed to a long drive to check one out but figured I'd post here and see if anyone has anything near Nebraska for sale. I've used searchtempest...
  5. S

    Can I ballpark AHC Nuetral Pressure range based on height?

    I just got a 2000 LX and have an absolute mountain of preventative maintenance to catch up on before i get to neutral pressure adjustments. I have two small children who id rather spend my time with so i only get about 30 minutes of maintenance time per night after they go to bed so its likely...
  6. silverhorse


    I'm about to tear into my case to part time it. I thought good opportunity to re-gear the t-case.. So I'm gauging interest to see if maybe a mass buy is possible for the Marlins gears. I would prefer the Marlin gears since they are made in Japan. Not knocking those of you who have the Trail Gear...
  7. erse

    For Sale  87 Range Rover

    My Cl post for my Range Rover, Mud loves range rovers right? 1987 Range Rover Classic

    80 Series 3:1 low range gears

    The super charged 80 can go fast and stop well. Now it's back to go slower.
  9. joez

    For Sale  Front Range Off Road Fj-80 steering links

    As the title says, I have a set of used FROR heavy duty steering links for an 80 series. I converted to a Y-link setup last year and these are sitting in the corner of my shop. Some light rust, but the links are strait. If somebody really wants the TRE's that are on them they can have...
  10. Jnschoch

    Wanted  LX470 or Cruiser 6-10k range (Tampa,FL)

    I am in the market for preferably a UZJ100. I am not overly fond of champange. Preference is Grey or Black. But will consider all within my price range. Most importantly, I need to pay via Paypal to use my credit card. If you cannot accept this method, please don't bother. I understand I am...
  11. F

    What is the range in degrees for the timing window on 2F.

    I know the pointer in the middle of the window is 7*, but does anyone know what the top and bottom of the window ends up being? FSM only mentions the 7* on the pointer. Reason I ask is that I just finished up my AFI TBI install and they recommend the base timing be set to 0*. I have the mark...
  12. D

    MPG and Range

    Hi I am getting an average of 15.5 MPG on the 13 LC. My range after fill up is 300 miles. I am noticing after running the fuel level to Empty the fill up is 19 to 20 gallons. Is this normal? Thanks Doug
  13. V

    Maxxis buckshot II's 764 mud terrain

    265X70R17C Very happy with them so far. They are the answer to toyota limiting its consumers to a 17 inch tire since it is the only non directional mud terrain (I know of) in that size in a load range C. Yokohama Geolander is another 6 ply available in that size and was my second choice...
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