1. PortFJ62

    A Signature Can Go A Long Way.

    I assume everyone visiting here loves their dogs and can sympathize with this heartbreaking event that needs to end. http://iheartdogs.com/petition/end-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival/
  2. 65FJ45

    Parting Out  LONG LIST 40-55-60-62 so-cal

    Im looking for fair offers and like to make bigger deals ask questions about condition or details on forum negotiate price by PM - thanks VIEW SOME PHOTOS HERE LONG LIST _ LAND CRUISER PARTS _ FJ40_FJ55_FJ60_FJ62_BJ40 60 and 62 parts may interchange - 62 passenger rear cargo glass 62...
  3. H2OBOSS

    For Sale  1979 Long bed

    1979 Toyota 4x4 Longbed. 20r engine passes smog. Upgraded to 5 speed Trans rebuilt by Marlin Crawler,tcase rebuilt at the same time. Factory A/C, Marlin Crawler heavy duty rear leafs, 3 in lift, new BFG 33" tires, Marlin wrap around rear bumper, bucket seats, cross bed tool box. $6000 will...
  4. mattressking

    Builds  'Brightening' a Fj60

    So I've been kicking around the site for a few months now. It all started when I moved from Washington DC to Ventura, CA in November. The only vehicle I had was my shovel and after a month and the rainy season coming in, I needed something to drive with a roof. Having kicked around imports for...
  5. Scalp

    May long weekend May 20-22

    Now that the Easter long weekend has passed, our attention turns to the May 20 - 22 long weekend. Traditionally we have gone to Churn Creek and usually found the weather pretty good for that time of year. Anybody have some ideas? :steer:
  6. brew8

    FJ45 long wheel base sprung over shocks

    Title says it, what shocks have you guys used with a spring over conversion on a lwb truck, part numbers appreciated. Thanks Larry
  7. NYIronPig

    For Sale  Long Rear Jump Seats

    I am selling a very nice set of 1972 FJ40 Long Rear Jump Seats in great condition. They are truly gorgeous and is a must-have for the person doing a resto. No rust, upholstery in great shape, original and hard to find this nice! $500 - Located in NY and would prefer not to ship. I also have the...
  8. Jason Reed

    Wanted  FJ40 Long Rear Jump Seats

    Looking for a pair of the Long Rear Jump Seats for my 1966 Restoration project. Just need solid frames. Foam and covers don't matter. No roll bar installed. Preferably here in California. If not, I can pay shipping as well. Jason-
  9. rc51kid

    How long is driverside front drive shaft?

    Strange question. Does any know how long the driver side front drive shaft is? Or can I just measure from the center of the "pumpkin" to the Birfield to get a good idea? I have to re do my Birfields but will be working in tight quarters on the driver side. It would really suck to get it all...
  10. dcx13

    PHH time. Shorty or long bypass?

    Doing some PM for an upcoming trip, so PHH is getting replaced. Don't know when, or if, the PO ever did it. I've already got the replacement from @NLXTACY but wondering if I should just go with the longer bypass version? Any advantage/disadvantage to one vs other?
  11. joesfj40

    For Sale  FJ40 Long Jump Seats Pair

    Just like title says long jump seats pair for sale. 1973 FJ40 Asking 250 Seen a lot worse go for a lot more. Google link https://goo.gl/photos/Gh2pCriiFQSNkFLMA -Joe
  12. G

    For Sale  Leer 100XR Tacoma long bed camper top

    Very good condition Leer 100XR long bed camper top in NC. Timberland mica color (dark green). Coming off a 2011. Tacoma long bed Leer camper top
  13. tlin

    Radiator replacement - Toyota Long Life Coolant - dilute with DI???

    I hate dumb questions but here I am. Wrapped up my radiator replacement, ready to refill, bottle of Toyota "Long Life" doesn't state it's a 50/50 mix and owner's manual states "Super Long Life" is a 50/50 mix (my bottle only says "Long Life", maybe this is different???). Just want to be sure...
  14. Z

    In Long Beach from San Diego.. Need alternator

    Mine went out and I'm trying to save a few dollars. Any of yous guys have an alt for a 97?? I'm up here for a few days. Thanks
  15. S

    How long have you owned your 80?

    Was talking to the wife the other day about the 80 and thinking I have had it a long time. I bought mine in fall of 03, how long and how many miles have you driven yours.
  16. A

    Rear long travel suspension, overkill?

    My AHC is out on my GX470 so it is time to upgrade the suspension. My preferred plan, based off of nothing more than seeing the pictures of the long travel flex on mud and facebook, is to put in a icon or radflo rear long travel with front extended travel from metaltech or SSO. But is it...
  17. mudpaws

    Wanted  Long Island, NY|Rear hatch, upper beam, and hinges

    Wtb rear hatch and the upper beam with hinges that the hatch attaches to (from '74-earlier) Can have surface rust, but no rot. Glass, handles, access plate, and pistons strongly desired. PM me. Thank you!!!
  18. lawdawg

    Sheridan to Charleston the long way

    The journey has begun. Got up around 3am yesterday to head to the airport and 9 hours later we were arriving at the airport in Sheridan, WY where Heather picked us up. My buddy Shook who is a mechanic decided this sounded like an adventure he needed to be a part of and it's nice to have him...
  19. dukmon

    Long Time Listener, First Time Caller.........

    What year did the LC first come with cameras all around? Asking for a friend.
  20. Timbo

    Long time no see

    Hey guys don't know if you remember me but maybe Looking to get back into a hundy. Just about bought one a month ago. Anyone know this 100 in Grand Junction Co. It's on Craigslist western slope. Maroon with ARB locked front. Can you get it to link. I moved to Colorado a year ago thx Tim ❄
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