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Apr 2, 2003
Here's the deal. I'm looking at purchasing the skyjacker lift from 4 wheel I'm going 2 1/2" lift. If also been looking at MAF 2 1/2" lift. Cost about the same but comes with extended shackles all the way around. My question is, can I just pick up any extended shackle? I noticed SOR had some greasables on clearance. do I need casters? I would like to level up my drivers side rear lean as well. Can I just make a 1/4" plate shim out of sheet metal or would you recommend getting a pre-made shim from someone? Also, how good of quality are the shocks that come with the skyjacker kit? I keep hearing the right shocks make all the difference in ride quality. How about heckethorn shocks?

Next the tires. I was thinking of 31x10.5 (know that sounds sissy to some of you guys) maybe 33's. I see 4wheelparts sells rims and tires in kits. Ayone done this before? Is the service & quality pretty good? Also what backspacing do I want? I don't really understand how that works. I was looking at probably 15x7 or 8" rims. but I want to make sure I don't get the wrong ones if I order online. Maybe I should just get them locally? I have stock rims that are 5.5 I beleive. Some people have said they have put 31 x10.5's on the stock rims but the guy at the tire store said you can't do it (maybe thats just because he had some ugly rims he was trying to sell. I'd probably prefer to keep my stock rims cause I like the look but am considering the rock crawler rims at 4wheel parts.
Thanks in advance for any help. I know these issues have been talked about before. sorry.
Question 1: I personally would go with the Skyjacker kit. The Skyjacker softrides are good shocks. I am very pleased with the on-road and off-road performance of the kit. For the 2.5" kit you shouldn't need anything else but the kit. The caster should be alright with only 2.5". Greasable shackles are always a plus, I'd get them if I could afford them.

Question 2: If you wanna keep the stock rims but go with a bigger tire, I'd suggest maybe a 33x10.50x15 BFG AT/KO or MT/KM. If you go with aftermarket rims go with a 15x8 with 3.5" backspacing. I think that factory rims were 15x7, I could be wrong though. If so then a 10.5" wide tire would fit it fine. I just thought I'd offer you some opinions. Good luck with your decisions!
I got my 31x10.5 BFG MT's mounted on stock rims at 4wheelparts. They had no problems with mounting them on the narrow rim. They had the lowest price that I could find and they included free mounting and balancing. Unfortunatly, it took them about 6 hours to mount five tires while I was waiting. They couldn't find the correct valves for the stock rims. I was so pissed I've decided not to do business with them again.
Do a search on this forum for "skyjacker lifts". You will find a lot of informantion as well as post with a ll the extra goodies you should get with the lift.
Hi all .. this is my first post ..

Well now I have a OME susp kit .. but before it have a Skyjacker kit .. and finction very well .. when I decide mount my OME kit .. sell it at a good price to other hj-60 owner .. that use it without problems ..

Pinackle is other lift kit good option .. as other friend that have other HJ-60 have tis and also go good .. on and off road ..

When I buy my first 33" tires ( kumho ) mount it in my MT Rims ( 15X7.5) without problems .. and with the advantage that can drive it with very low air presure .. 12 lbs ..

If u use more then 8" in you rims .. need to take care with low presire in your tires ..

Cheers ...
Q1: You might have to replace your shackles if your not happy with their shape after pulling them. My side plates were pretty thin from corrosion around the bushings. Go with the skyjackers. People seem happy with them and you could go to an extended shackle if the 33's rub.

Don't worry about fixing the lean now. It could be caused be your springs, so it will change with the lift.

Q2: If your truck is an early '40, your stock rims are 5.5" wide with 3 1/4" backspacing. A 10.5" tire should NOT be put on these rims. I think you should have a minimum of 2/3 rim to tire sectional width. A 5.5" with 10.5" tire gives only about 50%. Its for safety that the bead seats proper on the rim. Get 15x7" for the 10.5"s, or wider if your not planning on using skinny 33's.

On my drum brake truck, 3.5" backspace is the most that will fit. Apparently on some trucks a 3.75" will work, but to be sure go with 3.5"BS.

no need for any lift. im running 31 x 10.5 on stock rims and no rub. great offroad.
You're gonna get a lot of different answers about what tires you can put on stock rims. I'll disagree with most everyone who says you can't run bigger tires on the stock fj40 rims...I'm running q78 swampers on mine, and they go 36x11.50. I've no problems with this arrangment, even aired down to 8lbs and beating the snot out of them at what you like, and don't worry about it...Alan, tornadoalleycruisers
I'm going 4" Skyjacker suspension lift, and most of the kits don't include shocks. What would be some good, inexpensive shocks to put on? I really don't care about ride quality that much, I've living with 30 year old springs, shocks and bushings where there are bushings still left. :dunno:
I started with a Skyjacker 4", with Skyjacker hydros, and 33" BFG KM's. IMO, spending the $$ on 2.5 lift springs would be a waste... by the time they're worn in, I don't think you'll even have a 2" lift. I'm running about 5.5" of lift now and still want more.

Bottom line, the 4" skyjackers are nice IMO,... a little rough, bouncy at first, but give 'em a couple months and a couple trips into the hills+ some flexin', and they'll ride well, and hold tight on sidehills... I am still impressed how stable they are.

As always,... use my opinions at your own risk!! :D

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