Lexus GX470 Factory Service Manual

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Jul 21, 2008
Cedar Rapids, IA
Where is best place to get a copy of Factory Service Manual? Electronic will be fine if can't find a reasonable price on a hard copy. I prefer the hard copy. I still have one for my 1995 FZJ80 and used it a lot.
Yeah, that is all I could find. May just rely on Club Lexus and Mud for info for now.
Pay for the daily use one then screen shot all the pages you need, or possibly might need and keep them on file, or print. That's my plan
That is what I did
I'm trying to remember what site I used for my Infiniti. It was a site that had the factory manuals in PDF and you could download/save them but only for 24 hours.
thanks Dan! Did you do the standard login for $15?
Yeah, just a day, then click click click click
I'm doing it right now!
Sounds like a plan. Thanks!
Does anyone know if this site still works for downloading the service manual? Before I spend the money, i was hoping to confirm they haven’t gone to a system that no longer allows the downloads. Thanks!

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