Leaf spring shackle/bushing help.

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Sep 17, 2021
san diego
I got the new bushings in I’m having a hard time pressing the shackle through the eye, anyone else have any tips on this?

My shackle hanger eyes were a little rusty inside. I used a dremel and a bunch of abrasive discs to open it back up a little. Don't go too far and thin the metal out so much it can fail - better too tight than too loose when fitting the bushing. A BFH (Big Fkin Hammer) works too.
Obviously those bushings don’t fit.
Toyota bushings do fit.
You don’t want bushings boa constrictor tight anyway cuz if they’re polyurethane - they’re gunna squeak like hell after a while.
Freeze them prior to installation, thin coat of petrolatum? Yes to BFH.
Just $.02 for future thread searches. If bushings are rubber, don't use vaseline. BAD. Use a non petroleum lubricant, it won't cause the rubber to rot. If poly bushings, then vaseline should be ok.

Glenn in Marana

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