1. 64Rotorhead

    Shackle angle settling

    Yes I know, many threads exist but most all I find are in regard to inches of spring settle, and not how that relates to the shackle angle. A loaded question I realize but just wondering if anyone had kept track of this during and after their build. Obviously it would vary with different...
  2. billstoudt

    Mitsubishi Leaf Springs on a Pig ???

    So i was cleaning out my engine bay getting the frame ready for doing some welding and i noticed one of my leaf springs had a diamond logo on it. upon closer inspection i found that there were 3 in a manner that looks strikingly similar to the Mitsubishi logo. if this is something well know my...
  3. B

    bj70 leaf springs?

    Hi i am in australia and have a 1985 bj70 with leave springs all around. i want to buy a 2 inch lift kit for it but the problem is not many people have a listing of the vehicle as its quite rare in australia. so after abit of research people say that you use bj60 rear leaves and hzj75 front...
  4. BretwithoneT

    Wanted OEM Early FJ40 Rear Leaf Springs

    Doing a resto on a '66 and hoping someone who's done a lift still has their OEM springs lying around that I can paint and use. I'm in central North Carolina.
  5. T

    Mini Truck build-FZJ80 Rear axle leaf spring perches

    Know where I can find Leaf spring perches for a 93-97 landcruiser rear axle. I plan on swapping a full float onto my mini truck for a camper platform. thoughts, I want your 2c.
  6. Zirkels

    Leaf Springs intall

    I just installed new Leaf Springs on a 1986 FJ60. I did not put this plate on the top and the rubber on the bottom when I installed new springs. Should I have done this. Or dose it matter if I don't do this. The springs are old man emu.
  7. Marleyws

    Leaf spring rehab

    whats the best advice for a little cosmetic rehab? Im planning on using my stock leafs in this picture. I was going to pull them off and paint 1. Should I paint as whole unit after some wire brush work 2. Pull them a part have them blasted and painted Road warrior rehab not a nut and bolt...
  8. The Beej

    Rear Leaf Spring Perches and Frame Plates Rusted Out...

    I'm relatively new Landcrusier owner. I'm learning about the wonderful world of rolling restoration, maintenance and stuffing mitts full of $100 bills into my BJ to fix things. Still love it. Just installed an OME suspension system and now see that my 81 BJ42 frame plates where my rear spring...
  9. spdracr58

    Leaf spring / axle wrap

    I need to get some new rear leaf springs. The current ones are 43" long 19.5" from front to mid and then 23.5" from rear to mid. Problem is they are older and since i put the new engine in i am getting crazy axle wrap which has broken/loosened the c clamps for the springs. See exhibit A and B...
  10. Marleyws

    Wanted Fj40 factory shackles and leaf pins

    iso factory shackles and leaf pins for my 70 rebuild shoot me some pictures and prices if you have some
  11. hotpoker01

    1983 leaf spring centre pin diameter

    I need to weld some new spring plates on my doffs as the centre pin holes are ovals out. Can any tell me what the pin diameter is? Stupidly I cannot measure off my springs as I got rid of them. I suspect that the hole should be 19mm diameter?
  12. Ryan Davis

    4 link vs leaf spring Dual purpose

    Hey all. I'm new to the 4 link world. I would like your opinions on what direction I should go with my 1992 single cab. I tow a stramcleaner skid with a 200 gallon water tank with it. Currently IFS lift running 36" tsl swampers. 5.29 gears. I'm looking for the best riding, performing on and off...
  13. doug720

    OME Leaf Spring Clamps???

    I noticed a my passenger side front leaf spring stack has shifted - springs have moved so a couple of longer leafs are net stacked straight. I get an occasional clunk from the front leafs when cornering, and that got me looking at the springs. I have tapped them into alignment, but they will...
  14. Yota540

    Suspension - leaf spring question

    I am trying to figure out what sort of suspension lift I have on my '78. I believe it was set up with a very sturdy/stiff suspension, and since I am 95% on road driving, I would really like to soften it up. I don't know a lot about suspensions, but I know I have seen 3/4 ton trucks with...
  15. blossett

    Wanted Stock FJ40 rear leaf springs

    looking for a set of rear leaf springs for a 76 fj40. I have a broken leaf in one.
  16. Brian McDermott

    Leaf Spring Updgrades

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked/answered in a separate thread. I'm new to the group and new to Land Cruisers, owned a few Jeeps over the years. My question is the previous owner did a 5 1/2 inch spring over axle lift on my 81 FJ60 and kept the stock springs. He also added custom...
  17. bookland

    For Sale 60/62 Front leaf springs for sale 2-2.5"

    For sale - 60 & 62 SERIES FRONT HEAVY DUTY LEAF SPRING- Item 287-600-FHL Heavy Duty-2 inches to 2 1/2 inches of lift over stock height-Fits 8/80-1/90 60 & 62 Series-For Cruisers with added weight from accessories (bull bars, winches, roof racks, etc.)-5 leafs per stack-Uses large 3/8 inch center...
  18. webbz47

    For Sale BJ70 Leaf Springs

    Upgraded springs to OME. Were not sagging at the time of change. No longer have a use for them. Local sale only.
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