leaf spring

  1. Baja73

    Wanted  FL. U bolt spring plate

    I need a 1973 fj40 u bolt spring plate. One of mine is bent. It could probably be heated and straightened. I would like to see if I can find one reasonably priced. Thanks.
  2. Plantman

    Weird axle swap

    ‘Mud, I have a 1977 FJ40 and I have axles from a 1993 FZJ80. I plan to swap the 80 axles under the 40. I want to go SUA, yes SUA not SOA. I plan getting custom made Alcan Springs. What problems could I run into? Complications with brakes, e-locker wiring, different driveshaft flanges, etc...
  3. C

    HJ47 Troopy bent leaf spring plate and U-Bolts

    G'day All, I recently got my rear leaf springs for the Troopy resprung. When reinstalling them I found that the leaf spring seats are slightly bent upwards which causes the u-bolts to bend outwards when tightened to the correct tension. I haven't been able to source any new leaf spring seats...
  4. F

    Are these OEM leaf spring specs?

    I want stock spec leaf springs to replace the old worn out ones on my 1983 FJ60. Anyone try or have luck with these ? (the Toyota part numbers they reference are correct, but I have no idea if those physical dimensions are indeed correct for a stock setup) : 1981-1987 Toyota Land Cruiser 4...
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