leaf springs

  1. VMAX

    Should you grease the leaf springs?

    I am in the process of restoring the leaf springs suspension on my '81 BJ42 and somebody recommended I should grease the leaf springs. I've searched the forum and the internet and came across divergent opinions on this matter: NO, you should never grease or oil the leaf springs because...
  2. B

    rear leaf spring length

    I am building a ln105 Hilux on a budget and am wondering what the longest stock spring is that I can get in Australia?
  3. CruiseChickFJ62

    For Sale  Southern California

    '88 FJ62 parts. (edit:not parting out the entire 62, accidently posted in wrong forum? Messaged admin for assistance. thanks!) Will include pictures if interest is shown, have them tucked away in the garage. Good condition for someone looking for original restoration. Original front and rear...
  4. M

    Help with rear side leaf bolt removal???

    I’m removing my front leaf springs for a lift. Got the front bolts and shackles off easy but the rear bolt of the front spring won’t budge. I’ve removed the little retainer bolt on the wheel side and of course the inside nut. I’ve pounded on it with a mini sledge and it’s not moving out. It will...
  5. ATT00001 (1).jpg

    ATT00001 (1).jpg

    shipping leaf springs via USPS
  6. Paraglider

    violent shaking of cruiser--why?

    Hi mudders, Little background first. I bought this HJ47 emergency service vehicle (outback paramedic truck) and imported it from Australia. I drove it some before I left the country for close to a year. It drove fine but would shake a lot (I'm not talking about baby steering wheel shake; this...
  7. mrjordann

    For Sale  Portland OR: 1973 FJ40 Leaf Springs

    Best offer. OEM leaf springs off a 1973 FJ40.
  8. C

    HJ61 Suspension

    Hey All, Looking for suggestions in regards to best multi-purpose leaf springs for my 1989 HJ61. I'd like something a little more progressive but able to handle heavy load as well. Any advice/lessons learned would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. F

    Are these OEM leaf spring specs?

    I want stock spec leaf springs to replace the old worn out ones on my 1983 FJ60. Anyone try or have luck with these ? (the Toyota part numbers they reference are correct, but I have no idea if those physical dimensions are indeed correct for a stock setup) : 1981-1987 Toyota Land Cruiser 4...
  10. Sherman Tank

    Leaf Springs

    Does anyone have a spare front leaf spring laying around their garage in Montana or Idaho? My girlfriend's 1983 series 60 has a broken spring. I figure there must be someone who has put a lift on theirs....who has a spring or two laying in the garage collecting dust.
  11. Chefajc3

    Wanted  FJ60 Leaf Spring (FOUND DISREGARD THANK YOU)

    ISO FJ60 Front and Rear Lifted Springs OME CS004RA and CS004F...Let me know what you have. Thanks
  12. Bleizbreizh

    Spring time, BJ73 leaf wear

    Spring bushes were noted on the annual inspection but while underneath a good look at the springs revealed some issues. The ride is good and the height OK with nothing sagging but should I be concerned with the amount of wear on these leaves?
  13. justdifferentials

    SOLD  Land Cruiser 70 series OME Leaf springs Front and rear

    For sale Old Old man Emu Front and rear Leaf Springs for 84-97 75 Series Land cruiser. Came off of 87 HJ75, but would fit other models. These are older springs, but in great shape, Assuming they are a "medium" load, but do not correspond with current spring specs, but new enough to have some...
  14. S

    Wanted  BJ74 leaf springs

    Anyone out there have 2nd hand BJ74 leafs in reasonable shape? cheers
  15. thewadejack

    Rear Leaf Spring replace before trip to Estes Park

    Alright my 2 brothers and I are taking the cruiser on its first road trip from Austin Texas to Estes park. Planning on a Lubbock Pit stop slash rest for Cruiser just to be safe. The back end of my cruiser sits lower than the front currently due to the SBC swap lost weight and possibly newer...
  16. Pumpkin Troopy

    SOLD  HJ45- HJ47 FJ45 Leaf Springs 2" Lift

    Left Over parts after 4-Link Mod 2 Front Leaf Springs 2 Rear Leaf Springs Rear Springs Measure 48 eye to eye Front Springs Measure 41 eye to eye This pic shows them installed with 33x12.5 tires Local Pickup in San Diego CA Looking to get $250 OBO
  17. T

    OME heavy kit refurb - anyone with measurements?

    Recently bought hj60 and the rear springs were so saggy I know I had to do something to them to get the car tested/mot/whatsoever. Found a used ome kit locally in ok condition and bought it. Now when I havent yet installed the springs to the car I thought it might be a good time to do a small...
  18. billstoudt

    Mitsubishi Leaf Springs on a Pig ???

    So i was cleaning out my engine bay getting the frame ready for doing some welding and i noticed one of my leaf springs had a diamond logo on it. upon closer inspection i found that there were 3 in a manner that looks strikingly similar to the Mitsubishi logo. if this is something well know my...
  19. BretwithoneT

    Wanted  OEM Early FJ40 Rear Leaf Springs

    Doing a resto on a '66 and hoping someone who's done a lift still has their OEM springs lying around that I can paint and use. I'm in central North Carolina.
  20. Zirkels

    Leaf Springs intall

    I just installed new Leaf Springs on a 1986 FJ60. I did not put this plate on the top and the rubber on the bottom when I installed new springs. Should I have done this. Or dose it matter if I don't do this. The springs are old man emu.
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