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Jun 13, 2010
Vestavia, AL
Well guys, I've been on the prowl for a 40 for quite some time. After moving all over the country thanks to the good ole USMC I figured my best chance at finding a relatively solid Land Cruiser would be while stationed out here in CA. I found this '72 about an hour north of San Diego. It has a relatively recent (~8 years) repaint that's actually not too bad. It was seriously faded, but I rubbed it out (the paint) with some rubbing compound then waxed it and it's looking pretty good (pics to come). It has a '70 350 sbc conversion, that, due to the motor mounts looks like a shade tree job, not really a hack job, just homemade, etc...runs like a top though. Anyways, the frame is solid as a rock. Where the undercoating is coming off you can see nice shiny factory paint!!! Same thing with the bottom of the tub, and the fenderwells. :bounce: I need to dig into the instrument panel/dash and sort out some wiring, but hey, that's the fun part right???? I pulled the carpet that the PO put in and still need to use some GOOF OFF or the like to remove the adhesive. It does have three areas with some cancer. On the rear, the top and bottom sills (rusted through) need to be replaced, and the driver side rocker needs to be replaced (you can't see the rust, but it's under there). Ok, well enjoy the pictures. I've got it on jacks right now and I'm tearing away at the e-brake assembly, but I'm having a heck of a time removing the output shaft castlenut...27mm??? (yes I drained the xfer and yes I took the cotter pin out). I'm not looking to make this thing a show winner, but rather a solid occasional driver. Plans are for a mild lift (replace the homemade shackles) and 33X10.50's. I had a line on 4 33X9.50s but decided against them since they seem to be on the way out and wanted to have 5 (kinda kicking myself on this one, but was able to get one for a fellow Land Cruiser enthusiast to complete his rig). Ok, sorry for the long post. I'm new to Toyota's, but not vehicles. Lookin' forward to meeting folks and learning a lot. Here's the photobucket link:

1972 FJ40 pictures by DPV7070 - Photobucket
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1) Thanks for serving :)

2) Great looking cruiser...looks like you can start enjoying it right's hard to find them that way...congrats !!!

3) can't help yopu on the output nut sounds right 27MM...Poser would know...he knows just about all the nuts and bolts on a cruiser...i know several nuts...but...they all drive Fj40's...not hold them together :)
Welcome to a definate addiction! And thanks for your service. I am Ex-Army Airborne myself Vietnam 72/73. But we are all brothers in arm right? Looks like a nice find. Has a lot of potential. Have fun with it and enjoy pulling your knuckle meat off of it haa haa. I have left enough on my rig believe me.

Thanks for the welcome gents...
I would assume from your avatar that you work with Ospreys. Nice birds! I was lucky enough to catch a few flights out of Al Asad in them. Pretty cool to be able to catch a ride in one on it's maiden combat tour. Definately beat getting scalded by hydraulic fluid in a 53. Thanks for serving and good luck with your 40:flipoff2::flipoff2:.

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