interior panels converted to tool box

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Sep 1, 2009
Arlington VA
A while back I saw a post and weblink to someone selling interior side panel replacements that were nice hard plastic and converted the area to a tool box/storage.

Any ideas on the person and/or webpage?
That's Kevin Rowland (think I've spelled it right--username is kevinmrowland here I think).

He's at Some of the most well thought out mods I've ever seen/used. Look for his ROTW thread.
Thanks! That stuff looks really great, but I would love to get some feedback on install, and longevity before spending $500. Are there any threads on these panels?
Side Panels

750$$ for panels ?? Did i figure that correct !!
I have had Kevin's Wagon Gear panels and tailgate storage a couple of year now and you cannot damage it. They are tough as nails and look great to boot! Great use of space and actually makes the tailgate stronger than original.

You can’t go wrong!
They are worth it and also, easily resalable. Every time I open my tailgate around other TLC's, somebody always says "is that the wagon gear stuff" and comes looking.
Kevin's stuff is top-flight. He does not bring a product to market unless it's perfect. As the others say, you can't go wrong.
Great Product! Kevin's customer service and attention to detail is great.

And the ARB hinge kit is nice too.



I’ve had one of Kevin’s tailgate storage lids on the tailgate of my FJ60 for a couple of years now. It fits perfectly, functions flawlessly, and is built to take a long life of heavy abuse. Every 60 owner that I’ve met who’s seen mine wants one for their rig. I can tell you that the products he produces are top notch in every way. Kevin’s customer service and the fact that he constantly seeks feedback from his customers in order to further refine his products, really make it a joy to do business with him.

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. $500 may seem steep initially, but once you get the panels, you’ll realize that they were well worth what you paid. You will not find panels that even come close to Kevin’s in build quality and functionality at any price, so look at you purchase as a long term investment in a superior product. (And no, I am not related to Kevin, I’m just another satisfied customer!:grinpimp:)
While his panels may be tough as nails the quarter panels still cave in effortlessly when you bash them into the rocks. Don't put anything easily broken in the quarter panel if you wheel your wagon hard.


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