I have Bad Gas

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Aug 6, 2005
Bellville, TX

My '71 40 has that goofy aux. tank in the passenger rear quarter and the expansion tank with about a million fuel lines under the seat.

Since the rig stays out at the farm, it doesn't get driven much. When it sits for a while, it spits and sputters. I think gas just sits in the fuel system and goes bad?

I know the carb is 100% bc I had Jim C rebuild it for me recently.

Can I disconnect all the goofy lines and just simply run one fuel line from the main tank to the fuel pump, maybe with a vented fuel cap? That way I could isolate the fuel to just the main tank and keep it treated.

Any suggestions?

problem is if you run gummy stuff through the carb, now the carb has gummy stuff in it. my advice is to open the carb, clean the jets and clean any goo out of the bowl. drain the tank, clean the tank, install a inline filter. use fuel stabilizer in the future to minimize these problems.
put stabil in the fuel tank and run it through the carb if you're going to park it for a while.
Thanks guys. Anyone know if I'll run into problems stripping out all of the "other" tanks?

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